Christmas Picture Garland

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Putting the Christmas tree up is one of my favorite nights of the year. We don’t have elaborate decorations, but the kids love pulling out what we do have. I love the music, the feeling.. you get the idea. :) It’s magical.


This year I was dreaming up an idea, and with the help of the Target dollar bin, it came to life!  A Christmas picture garland!

We have a lot of pictures that haven’t made it into albums yet (I’m working on that!). The kids love looking at old albums and pictures of themselves and hearing about themselves when they were younger, so I wanted to incorporate our memories onto our tree this year.

I created 12×12 template with 16 squares on it. I did 3 12×12 pages, (totaling in 48 pictures) and printed them at Costco on a 12×36 sheet print for $5.99. Then I cut it into squares.


Then I found mini Christmas clothes pins and bakers twine in the Target Dollar bins! Perfect. :)


The kids LOVED this so much. They chatted and chatted about our memories the last few years and loved putting them on the tree. … and I waited until they were in bed to fix the picture placement. ūüėČ


This is such an easy project, and here’s the 12×12 template¬†(photoshop file) to make it even easier for you!

Merry Christmas!


Picture Puzzle

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This simple picture puzzle is an easy craft that your kids will play with for hours!  Using most of the supplies I had on hand, I only had to buy the blocks, and print the pictures.  Block are $3.99 and pictures are less that $1.  Total spent = Less than $5.00!


Here is what you need:

  • Blocks (1 inch by 1 inch, package of 16 from Hobby Lobby)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Pictures (6 – 4X6 prints, make sure they can be cropped to a square!)
  • Paper cutter or scissors


To assemble the block puzzle all you need to do is paint, cut, and glue.  Super easy!

Paint –¬†I painted all my blocks white, but if you like the wood color, you don’t really need to even paint. ¬†It’s only a tiny bit on the corners that will show.


Cut –¬†Trim all your pictures down to a hair smaller than 4 inches by 4 inches. ¬†Once they are square, cut the pictures into 1 inch squares. ¬†I wanted mine a hair shorter than 1 inch so that the picture didn’t hang over the edge of the block at all. ¬†Cut all 6 pictures and keep them organized by picture.


Glue –¬†Using Mod Podge, glue pictures on to the blocks. ¬†I used one piece from each picture on each block. ¬†I mixed up the picture pieces as much as I could. ¬†Put a layer of Mod Podge on top of the picture too. ¬†Do not use mod podge on regular paper – it will wrinkle!

Once the Mod Podge is dry, you can mix up the blocks and start putting puzzles together.  I used our most recent family pictures for our picture puzzle, but we have thought of some other ideas:

  • Friend pictures (and give it to your friend as a gift!)
  • Grandkid pictures (send to grandma!)
  • Scenery pictures
  • Holiday pictures


There are also different sizes of blocks at Hobby Lobby!  You could make your puzzle easier or harder adding or subtracting more puzzle pieces.  I used the 1.5 inch block to make these Instagram ornaments and they are still a hit!


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Turkey Onesie Tutorial

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I’m so excited to share a Thanksgiving project with you today! ¬†I know you are already worrying about the food, but do you have something cute for your little ones to wear? ¬†This turkey onesie is quick, easy, and fun! ¬†Let’s get going.


Supplies needed:  Plain white onesie or shirt, fabric scraps, wonder under, brown thread.

First, download the Turkey Template.  I made this size of turkey for a 6-9 month sized onesie.  You could increase or decrease the size of the turkey depending on what size fits your shirt the best.  Next, trace the template pieces onto the wonder under.  Trace 1 body and 11 feathers.


Now you can iron the wonder under to the wrong side of your fabric scraps.


Then, cut your shapes out along your traced lines.


Once you have cut out all your pieces, you are ready to peel off the paper layer of the wonder under and arrange your turkey and feathers to your liking on your shirt. ¬†When you have it perfectly in place, iron it on. ¬†Now that it won’t move around, stitch around body and feathers with your sewing machine. ¬†The final step is stitching the eyes, beak, and feet by hand with brown thread.


I just love this cute little turkey.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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