Simple Serger Projects

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My husband surprised me with a new toy!  A serger!  I have so much to learn and I’m ready to dive in.  Today I have found 8 Simple Serger Projects that I am going to start with.  This is the perfect way for me to learn my machine and start SIMPLE!



Fabric Ribbon by Made

Fabric Napkins by Doodles and Stitches

Scrappy Strip Rose by Cluck Cluck Sew

Hand Warmers found on The Sewing Rabbit

The Simple Bib by Made it on Monday

Receiving Blankets by Sew Much Ado

Bow Headband by Made it on Monday

5 Minute Pillowcase by Simple Simon and Company

I have finally conquered the threading of my serger, so now I’m ready to sew.  Yesterday I made some fabric ribbon, so now I’m ready for my next simple project.  A lot of these awesome bloggers have some great serger tips too!

What is your favorite project you’ve made with a serger?  I need to add more projects to my list!

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Chatbooks Coupon Code

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Have you ever heard of chatbooks?  If you do Instagram, you will LOVE chatbooks!



Chatbooks are 6″x 6″ books that contain 60 Instagram posts each.  We love them because it’s a way to preserve the little moments in our lives that we wouldn’t typically scrapbook.  Our kids LOVE looking at these books and reminiscing.


All you have to do is get the free app on your smart phone, then create an account.  After you make a few simple decisions about how you want your books to look, then you are ready to order!  Each book is only $6, and they have free shipping!

Special offer for Bits Of Everything readers!  Enter to following code and get your first book for FREE!

Satisfaction if guaranteed!  Check out for more information.

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Say NO to Auto – Book Review

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I’ve loved photography all my life and have been a serious photographer for the past 4 years. When I first started to get serious about photography 7 years ago, I searched online and read everything I could get my hands on. I read blogs, articles, magazines, books.  The one thing I remember thinking is that there was SO MUCH INFORMATION. I wished someone could have just condensed it and given me just what I needed to learn to work my camera!  I learned by sifting through lots of information and by trial and error.
I don’t want you to have to go through the same thing!!   That’s why I was so excited to find beginner photography E-Books.
Kristen Duke has made this super simple for anyone wanting to learn how to use their camera, and has broken it down into 3 simple steps to learn how to shoot manually with your camera.  It was well written, easy to understand, has a glossary of terms, and has lots of pictures and diagrams.  You can print them out and bind them for your camera bag, or just save the images on your phone for easy viewing when you’re out practicing with your camera!
When you are comfortable with the basics, she has a second E-Book about focusing, which is an even harder topic to understand, at least for me, and again she does an awesome job breaking it down and making it easy to understand.
If you are interested in taking better pictures and learning how to use your camera, these E-Books are for you!  I’m so glad I found them so I can refer other people to them.
Find them HERE!
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