Christmas Neighbor Gifts

I have lived in many places and everywhere we go, we always exchange Christmas gifts with the neighbors. We grew up doing this too. Some years we spent SO much time putting together Christmas crafts for the neighbors. One year we made little reindeer out of wood and their tummies were baby food jars. (I wish I had a picture.) Other years we bought treats and put a cute little note or saying on it. When you have time, it’s also fun to make a plate of goodies. However, a couple of years ago I almost burned down my house trying to make Amish bread for all our friends and neighbors!! YIKES!

As I was searching for what to give to my neighbors this year, I found a gazillion cute ideas!
How Does She has a list of 30 neighbor gift ideas. I love this one….I actually did this about 6 years ago, except I made my own cookie dough.

There was also an article in the Deseret News that had 3 pages of ideas! I love these because they are budget friendly. (aka: cheap!! ha ha ha!) You’ve got to think about that when you have a lot of friends and neighbors! You can read the article HERE.

These Creative Juices has a cute ideas for cookies in a jar…
and a snowman candy bar.
She even has free printables to go with these cute ideas. Go HERE!

I also liked this idea! (Found here!)
Healthy and Yummy! It’s a win win!

So…what are you giving to your friends and neighbors this year?


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  1. Anneka 11/25/2011 at 11:11 am #

    Thanks so much for the links!!

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