Tin Foil Dinner

On busy days, I love an easy go-to meal.  This meal is hearty and there are always left-overs.  This is a great one that our family loves.  This meal is for our family of 4.  Adjust for your families needs.

4 raw baked potatoes, chopped
4 Turkey Steaks
3-4 peeled, sliced carrots, or about 15 mini carrots sliced
1/2 large onion chopped
2 cans Cream of Chicken soup

I chop everything up (except the steaks) and mix it all together with the cans of soup.  I place a piece of tin foil on the bottom and place a large spoon full (or two) on the foil.  Then I put the turkey steak on top of the mixture.  Then put another spoon full on top of the turkey steak. **I forgot to write that I put some Season Salt on top of it all.** Wrap with foil and then turn over and wrap with another piece to make sure it won’t leak.  Repeat for other 3 dinners.  Place each dinner on a cookie sheet at 375 degrees for 2 hours.  After the first hour, we flip all the dinners over.  ENJOY!


3 Responses to Tin Foil Dinner

  1. Anonymous 01/25/2012 at 12:50 pm #

    Looks simple and delicous almost like a crustless pot pie. Are the potatoes pre-cooked?

    • Natalie 04/02/2012 at 9:37 am #

      Nope I put everything in their raw! Easy, right?!

  2. Emily 01/25/2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Yum. They look really good. 🙂

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