Candy Bar Matching Game

Last year I was in charge of our family reunion.  I was looking for some fun games and came across this idea to make a candy bar matching game.  Everyone loved it and they all got a treat too!  Here is what I did.

Make a list of candy bars and their match, like this:

1. Famous swashbuckling trio of old – 3 Musketeers candy bar 

Sweet Infants – Sugar Babies

3. Galaxy – Milky Way candy bar 

A hamburger?? – Whoppers

5. Giggles- Snickers candy bar 

Thing-a-ma-jig – Whatchamacallit

7. Klutz- Butterfingers 

8. Funny Rhyme – Laffy Taffy

9. Famous Homerun Hitter – Baby Ruth candy bar 

10. Famous NYC street – 5th Avenue 

11. Twin Letters – M&Ms 

Sounds like a dance – Mamba

How long is your break – Take 5

14. Favorite day for working people – Payday candy bar 

Baby bird on a twig – Chick O Stick

16. Kids- Runts

17. Dry Cows – Milk Duds

18. Two female pronouns – Hershey candy bar 

Power Nap- Fast Break candy bar

20. Single women’s dream  –Big Hunk

21. Flotation devices – Life Savers candies 

22. Sun Explosion – Starburst Candies

23. Crackling noise – Crunch bar

24. Determines who wins the game – Skor Bar 

Go shopping.  Make sure you can find all of the candy on your list, you may have to adjust a little if you can’t find a certain candy bar.  If this happens, see what candy bars are available and think of a simple clue for your new candy bar.

Make matching cards.  I printed out all the clues and answers, cut them apart, and attached them to notecards.  I assigned all the answers (the candy bars) a number and all the clues (descriptions) a letter.  This way, on each turn you know you need to pick one letter and one number.  This made it faster and more enjoyable for the kids.  If you want to make it a more difficult matching game, just leave all the cards blank.   

Play the game.  Take turns playing the matching game.  As soon as someone gets a match, that is the treat they get and they are then done playing.  Make sure you have enough candy for everyone to get a treat!

Have fun!

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A baby shower version at Lil’ Luna.

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  1. Barb 08/17/2012 at 7:21 am #

    Hi Holly – this is Barbara Brimhall Gardner from Snowflake, Az. You probably don’t remember me, but our parents were great friends. I stumbled on to your blog and {LOVE} all the fun ideas you ladies post!!! Keep up the great ideas!!!

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