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Wall Picture Collage

I have been wanting to hang something on the wall in my kitchen ever since we moved in.  Between Emily and I, we finally dreamed up this Wall Picture Collage after looking at lots of other people’s photo collages- and I love the way it turned out.
Here are all the things that I bought.
(all found at walmart)
This entire project was under $20. My kind of project!
*pictures you want to use (I had free prints from Costco)
* 2 20×30 foam core boards (I got two black ones $2.88 each)
*poster hanger thingies ($2.44)
*foam brushes ($.97)
*double sided tape ($3)
*mod podge (I already had some)

A Change is GOOD!

We needed a change in our bedroom.  We just had the plain old white walls.
I saw this awesome technique in my neighbors house and she
even came over to help me!  So nice!
Here’s what we did.  First, we randomly scrapped joint compound on the walls.
We used a trowel to spread it.  You want to be careful when using this technique,
because it will change the texture of your walls forever.  It was the look I was going for
though…so we went for it!
We got that done and let it dry overnight.
Next, we painted the base color over it. 
We used the color Simplify Beige from Sherwin Williams.
(This isn’t my best picture, but I wanted to prove that I was really doing this!)
Next, (sorry I didn’t get a pictue of this step) we used two colors of glaze.
We used a dark one and a light one and made X’s on the wall.
Then you use a damp cloth and wipe the walls using a circular motion.
Not to hard.  Just enough so that the glaze stays on the textured part.
Here is the finished product!
I don’t know if these pictures do it justice, but we LOVE it!
We have dimming can lights on the ceiling too and it adds a nice touch!
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I recently followed the tutorial at Remodelaholic to make my own headboard! It was a challenge for us (my husband and I), but I just love how it turned out. It’s amazing the difference having a headboard can make.
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