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Birthday Card – Free Printable

We are sharing lots of fun birthday ideas this week.  So be watching all week for some great birthday fun!

I used to make birthday cards, did you?  I don’t take them time to make them anymore, but I still want to use cute birthday cards.  So, I made a cute card that you can print off anytime you need a birthday card.  Perfect right?  This card is perfect for boys and girls, young and old.  Anyone!  Cute, easy, and quick.  Couldn’t ask for anything better.
Download the card here.  Print on card stock, trim the top and bottom margins off, cut in half (between the happy birthdays), and fold down.  Done!  2 cards already made.  
I found one other printable birthday card that I just love.  Check this one out by The Mombot.  Darling.
*Please note: This file is for personal use only. Mass production and commercial use of this file is strictly prohibited.


Get Organized

This last month has felt like a whirlwind!  Busy, busy, busy.  Luckily, we have survived.  However, my house has slowly dwindled in cleanliness and organization.  So – It’s time to get busy.  Here are some printables that I found that are going to help get us back into shape.

I use my iPhone a lot for my calendar and to do lists, but I think it is helpful to put it on paper for my kids/family to see.  This way we all know what’s going on.  Let’s get going!
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Teacher Gift Printable

What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation this year?  What about an end of the school year gift?


It can be tricky coming up with something cute or creative that your teacher will love. U-Create made a list of what teachers really want that I thought was very helpful. #4 on her list was Photo Book with Memories Throughout the Year. Well, instead of making a book, I’m going to share my digital pictures with our teachers so that they can use the ones they want to and do other things with them too, like a class DVD slideshow.

I have collected a good amount of pictures from my son’s kindergarten class this year, but I think your teacher would love any pictures you have, even if it’s not very many (or even pictures from your phone!)

This Picture Perfect gift tag would be great on a photo memory book, prints of pictures, disc of images, or a picture in a picture frame.  Any of these, I’m sure your teacher will love.