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Braided Leather Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Today I asked my college roommate and friend Jennifer to do a guest blog post for us.
She is one of the craftiest and thriftiest people I know- and I wanted to show off her skills!
She’s got a great craft blog, check it out!   The Craft Patch

I am excited to be posting at Bits of Everything today. Don’t you want to be a sister in their family?! So many fun things, and such a variety!

With Christmas coming up, I thought I’d share a braided leather bracelet tutorial that would be great as a gift for a sister, niece, or teenager. And it is totally affordable, even on the smallest budget…they only cost around 50 cents each! Yeah. I told you, even the smallest budget can handle that.
I found THIS tutorial, which was really confusing and hard to follow. So I wrestled with the braiding until I figured out how to do it. Ready to follow along on my adventure? 

Using a rotary cutter, ruler and mat, cut a piece of vinyl that is the width you want, but longer than the circumference of your wrist.  Cut even slits into the center of the band, leaving plenty of room (2-3 inches, bigger than the picture shows) on each solid end to adjust after it’s braided, since braiding makes the bracelet shrink quite a bit.

Now comes the fun part….braiding! Do it just like braiding anything else, and totally ignore the hot tangled mess you’re making at the bottom.

Left over center:
Right over center:
Left over center:

Pinch the part you’ve braided so it doesn’t come undone. Now try to untangle the bottom by flipping the bottom end through the hole as shown. Just keep twisting and turning and when you’ve got it right, it will all smooth out (there’s no better way to explain it, you just keep fiddling until poof! It untangles!) and looks like this:Magic! I love this look, but I wanted to experiment some more, so I undid the bracelet (then I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it to work again) and cut each of the three strands in the braid in half, so that I had six narrow strands. Then I bunched two strands together and braided it again the same way as before, but with two strands in each of the three parts. Make sense? The end result is a more complicated looking bracelet that lays flatter on the wrist.For another variation, instead of just braiding L/R/L once, try doing it twice. It makes a tighter braid and gives it a whole new look.Next, it’s time to try it on and trim off the excess from the two ends. Then round the corners. Here’s how I did it:Now we add closures. I debated on this one. Buttons? Ribbon? Clasps? Hot glue? (haha…totally kidding!) In the end I chose snaps. I searched and searched Joann’s notions wall to find something stylish that didn’t require buying any setting tools, and this is what I found:I followed the directions on the back of the package, but here’s a visual for those who need to see it:Place the pearl part on the outside of the bracelet and lightly press the tongs into the vinyl.
Flip the bracelet over and you should see the prongs poking through. Using the tips of your scissors or your fingernails, press the fabric all the way through so the entire length of the prongs is showing. Center the back piece over all the prongs and double check that they are all in the ridge. Put a spool of thread over the back and hammer until… …it is flat when you look at it from the side. Now do the other side of the bracelet. Place the outie part of the snap on the right side of the fabric and center it. Push the prongs through like before. There’s no picture of the inside of this one, but you’ll put a little ring over the prongs and hammer until it’s flat. Then you are DONE! Yay! I am IN LOVE with the final product! Good thing I have tons of vinyl left over so I can make one for me! Next I am going to try to make a solid wide cuff and hand-sew beads or sequins onto it. Wouldn’t that be pretty?!

Thanks Jenn- it’s awesome!

Crochet Projects

This is my sweet sister-in-law Alaina-
She works grave yards and has come up with some fun projects to keep her up at night.
Alaina, thanks so much for sharing this post with us!


When I was growing up, my mom always had some project going on; whether it was sewing, embroidery, knitting, or just a fun craft for us kids to do, there was always a project. Needless to say I picked up a lot of different skills and hobbies as a result. Now I can sew my buttons back on, sew a quilt or make something that I saw in the store for half the price.

So, a while ago, I was really struggling with staying awake at work and needed something to do to help me stay awake. While at my mom’s house, I came across this:

How cute are they, right? They also had patterns for fruit, vegetables, bread and sandwich makings, sushi, stir fry, and pretty cakes. Since my niece’s birthday was coming up, I thought, How awesome would that be?! I loved playing with some play food, and dishes my grandma sent me. It was really fun and pretty easy to learn. I was familiar with crochet, but usually had a hard time getting my lines straight. However, most of these items are really easy to make and had understandable instructions. I did have to do a few items a couple of times to get it the right way, but I think they turned out pretty cute.
So much fun and they won’t hurt your feet if you step on them. They were about the size of the actual fruit, which was also fun. They also don’t take too much yarn, so they are a perfect project for any leftovers you have around.

After that project, I was getting a little bit bored and needed something different. Well, these were too cute to pass up and were perfect for little babies or toddlers. I got the book at my local Hobby Lobby for about 5 dollars.

The elephant turned out a little wonky and the monkey really tiny, but still adorable and fun to play with. So cute and easy to make. I did have some trouble finding the eyes in my local craft stores, so I ended up getting them at The end product measures small, so if you want them bigger, use a bigger sized needle and yarn and vice versa. And most of all, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. The top is my first attempt at the elephant; the bottom, the second.

They make the perfect friends.

I have been having a lot of fun, and at times, I just feel my creative juices flowing, and it keeps me awake when I go to work! My next project is to try my hand at hats, slippers, and baby booties. There are a lot of free patterns out there in the internet world, but here are some you might like to try:
Or if you want something more specific check out the patterns at They always have super cute stuff. Happy crocheting!

Fabric Transfer Crayons

I have a really cute friend named Telena and she agreed to do a guest post for me today!
She has a great husband and 3 handsome little boys!
 Her blog is fun to read because she shares her feelings and ideas on:
parenting, budgeting, and enjoying every moment!
You can find her blog here.
                                                    Take it away Telena!                                                
This is a really fun and simple summer project you can try with your kids.
We made shirts using fabric transfer crayons.
I bought mine at JoAnn’s but I’m sure you could get them at any crafting/fabric store.
The package comes with 8 basic colors.
I also bought shirts (white works best so that all the colors will show). 
 Here’s the process: I let my kids draw a picture on a white sheet of paper.  (Okay, I helped Tyler some.)
They need to color hard.  In fact, I went back over their drawing with the crayons to make it darker once they were done.  **Remember that the picture will be reversed once it is ironed onto the shirt.**
 Once the pictures were complete, I placed them right side down on the front of their shirts.
Go over it with a warm iron and the picture will transfer onto the shirt.
 Here is how they look finished.  They were really easy and fun, and my boys were SUPER excited about them!  Be sure to wash them in cold water and lay them flat or hang them to dry.  Enjoy! 

Thanks Telena!  I bet my kids will LOVE this!

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