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Inside craft with the kids!

This week is SPRING BREAK for us.  Which means the kids will be driving me nuts we will have a lot of time to spend together!  🙂  Sadly for us, it started with blizzard like conditions.  No park, picnics, or bike rides like we had hoped….so we had to pull out the big guns…. A CRAFT!  Lucky for me, my sweet cousin,  Megan, e-mailed me an idea for just such an occasion.
It worked out perfect!  My kids LOVED it!

All you do is heat your pancake gridle.  (You get different outcomes with lower and higher heat.  I set mine on 200*.)  Then you let the kids pick a picture to color.  They can choose to do a coloring book page or a black paper.  Then they color with crayons and they will melt as you color!  When they’re all done, hold them up to the window and they make these GORGEOUS stain glass windows.  Even the WORST of colorers have sheets that turn out awesome!  Be careful with the little ones around the heat, of course.  I just held their little elbows up.  You should definetely try this out today!
Thanks again Meg!  You rock!
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New (Old) Games

This last weekend, me and my family moved into our new house.  We love it, but the actual moving part was a lot of work!  We are still recovering.  🙂   In our packing and unpacking, we discovered some things that we had forgotten about.  Like the games that were all in the back of the closet.

Our two new (rediscovered) favorites are Blink and Wig Out.  The kids couldn’t even remember playing these games before!  We had to read the instructions again to remember the rules.  Both of these games are quick and easy games (for ages 6 and up).  Which I love!  (Wackee Six, is probably my personal favorite!)  Since our discovery of our fun games we have played them several days in a row now.  Some of our older favorites are Pit and SkipBo.

I think I need to host a game night….. as soon as I unpack all the boxes!


A Family Fun and Colorful Activity

Last night we had a really fun Family Home Evening!!
We started off by making some very colorful and tasty cupcakes!!

I got the idea from a Family Fun magazine.  You can go here to get the recipe and try it with your family!
While these delicious, little goodies were in the oven, we talked about the things we were “lucky
or blessed to have in our lives.  I had the kids write their ideas down on a clovers to
#1) hang up and make our home a little more festive, and
#2) to help them remember how many things they have been blessed with.
Next, I just decorated the top with Reddi Whip and everyone was ready to try one!
We LOVED them and the kids loved that they got to help too!