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Health Challenge

This post is going to be a little bit different. What I have for you today is a Health Challenge. Are you with me? Let me explain the details. All I’m asking for is TWO WEEKS. After 14 days, lets see if you feel any healthier and/or lighter.

I’m participating in this health challenge that is put on my by a good friend here in Logan. And it goes for 12 weeks. 12! So, please just do 2 weeks with me.

Here is the challenge: You get a point for each of these things a day. At the end of the two weeks tally up your points and we’ll have a points winner. I’m thinking a Subway gift card? Mmmm. (nothing too much, but enough to motivate 🙂

Challenge #1: WRITE IT DOWN. Write down all the food that you eat each day. Use a tracking sheet. is a great website. There are a million websites out there to track calories. Good old paper and pencil works great too.

Challenge #2: Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Yes! You can do this. Water makes us fill up and it helps us feel full and is so beneficial for so many reasons. Drink up (water that is!)

Challenge #3: Exercise at least 45 minutes to an hour Every day! (30 minutes will get you a half point) Monday through Friday. Try to squeeze this in every day. Exercise is essential to our health. It clears our mind and body (literally!) Even if you go for a walk outside, try to get this in every day.

Challenge #4: Eat 6 servings of either Fruit/Veggies a day. You can totally do this.

Are you up to the challenge? For each day that you complete each challenge (you can make a little chart to check off the boxes) You get a point. So, say I exercised 3 days next week, and drank 8 glasses of water 2 days, and ate all my veggies 5 days, then I get 10 points for the week. I’m super excited to do this with all of you.

If you’d like to take the 2 week challenge with me, please leave a comment below.
We start today! You can do it!!


Visual Goals

It’s now March! How are those New Years Resolutions working out? If you’ve forgotten what you wanted to do, or didn’t do anything, or you’ve failed at what you wanted to do, try making one of these handy, dandy, homemade charts! Yes, I am in my upper 20’s and still like to check off a chart 😉 I’m telling you though, once you make one of these, you’ll want to keep up on it!
(Sorry about the terrible picture!)

My husband is an Economist. He loves numbers and tracking them. And I think he is rubbing off on me! My friend Joni thought up this great idea, and I’ve loved making a check list of the year. When I look at this chart it reminds me where I am doing really well and where I am lacking.

I am the first one to not like writing out goals. I just don’t like feeling discouraged when I don’t reach them all, but this chart is a great help. Try it for yourself with maybe one section and then try to move onto another and see where you get. It feels so great to accomplish things and check them off your list. Happy goal setting! And HAPPY FRIDAY!

Here is a favorite quote at our house on this topic: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” (Thomas S. Monson)


Pinching YOUR pennies

Have you ever seen someone online say, “I just saved a bunch of money on groceries!” and wondered how? Well today is your lucky day. I love LOVE saving money, especially at the grocery store. The website I check most frequently before I head out the door to grocery shop is
I usually briefly check this website out each week (most stores sales run Wednesday to Tuesday) and if there are deals worth going for, I’ll spend some time printing out coupons online. Currently, at Smith’s they are having an awesome buy 10 different items then save $6 sale. I bought 25 boxes of cereal and spent about $27.50 ($1.10 a box). And it’s yummy cereal my family will eat! You just have to watch for these sales. I’ve been able to stock up and build my food storage by watching these sales.

**A lot of times when these deals are *hot* the stuff goes FAST! You should aim to go Wednesday right when the sale starts or go on Monday (the trucks deliver on Sunday’s 🙂 or else all the best stuff will be gone.

Here’s how I do it. This may seem like a lot at first, but after you do it once or twice, you’ll become a pro.

1)Log on to
On the right-hand side of the page, click on the scroll down menu and pick your state.
Here is where you should be:

2)Next, click on the Smith’s link. (Or whichever store you shop at to see what deals are going on at their store. Then you’ll get to the next page.
3)Click on the link for a “current” list.
At top of this page, you’ll see three words, “Start”, “Shrink” or “Print Now”
4)Click on the “Start” button. This will highlight the spreadsheet. When you find something on the sheet you want to buy, click on the stars at the beginning of the line. It will highlight the line and then when you are done finding what you want to buy, go back up to the top and click “Shrink” Then your sheet will only show the things you want to buy.
5) I try to buy only 4 and 5 star items. There are a lot this week!
6) To print the coupons off, look on the right hand column. You’ll find all the links to find those coupons.

*You can print all the coupons 2 times. For me the Kroger coupons didn’t work, because our store is Smith’s not Kroger. The coupons are only on that Group A and Group B for a limited time. Don’t wait! The coupons that aren’t highlighted to print out, are coupons that come in the paper or in your mailbox. The date in the parenthesis is when that coupon expires..

**I am in no means an expert at this. I’m sure there are other great websites and ways to save money! But this website has been really helpful for my shopping needs.
Happy Shopping!