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Mudroom Lockers

In my new house I have a mudroom, well technically it’s a mud-hallway, but I love it. We had our builder make the closets smaller so that we would have room to build in some lockers. We searched online for inspiration and this is the sketch we came up with.

It’s a rough sketch, but you get the idea.  Luckily, my handy father in law stepped in to make the lockers for us  (which was so nice!)  He came and installed them a few weeks ago.

Tyson loved watching the workers!  We also signed our names on the wall behind the lockers.  If anyone removes the lockers later (I’m not sure why they would!) they will find our autographs, along with the year.

After the lockers were installed, I needed to paint them and find some hooks.  Here is how they looked before and after paint and hooks.

I even found some perfect baskets at Target to go in the cubbies.

I’ve thought about adding a cushion or some vinyl to make them more cute, what do you think?  Do they need more or just leave them the way they are?

I just love how they turned out!  They are going to be so helpful in keeping all the backpacks and jackets off the floor.  I’m especially excited to use them when school starts.

If you want a full tutorial on some mudroom storage, I saw a great one at A Charming Nest.

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Basket Labels

I need to be more organized.  I think this is an ongoing goal, never completed.  Well, today I got one organization project off my list:  The bathroom closet.  It was a mess.  I had boxes and boxes of stuff for that closet.

So, here’s what I did to help the craziness.  I found these plastic baskets at Target.  I bought 5, but then went back for more!
Then, I started sorting.
Man, those baskets filled up WAY too fast.  (Or maybe I just have too much junk!)
I used my Silhouette to cut some cute little frames for my labels.  Then, attached the label to the appropriate basket.
Doesn’t this look so much better?  I love being able to find what I need more quickly.  I am going to do more baskets like this for my other closets and storage for batteries, light bulbs, cleaning supplies etc.  I could go on and on.  I might have a house full of baskets soon.  🙂

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Keeping the Music Organized

Introducing… One of the best purchases we have ever made…

We bought this with some wedding money when we were first married,
and I will be forever glad that we did.
We’d never be able to afford it now!
Anyway, my husband is pretty particular with keeping it nice,
(I think because it was so much money) and doesn’t let me keep much on top of the piano.
(This is also humerous because he doesn’t play it!)
Here are a couple ways that I keep my music organized:
In the past I used to punch holes in my sheet music and put it in a 3-ring binder.
But since then I discovered putting the music in plastic sheet covers.
The plastics not only protect the pages, but they make for slick page turns!
I got this book for Christmas, but I haven’t played it much because it was so hard to keep open.
So I took it in to a local copy store, and solved the problem for just two dollars!
It works great!  I think I’ll play out of this book much more often now!
So, I try to keep most of my music in the piano bench, but I found another solution for the rest.
I keep them in a tote on the floor by the piano.  Works great!
So now the music stays more organized, the piano stays nice, and the husband stays happy.