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Quilting: My Favorite Quilting Supplies

Last week I taught a beginning quilting class to some of my neighbors.  It was so much fun!  The first thing that I wanted to share with them was my favorite quilting supplies.  Quilting can be so  much more enjoyable if you have a few tools to help.  Some of these tools I’ve had for a long time, and some I’ve gotten more recently.  It’s fun to add tools to your stash as you go.  Please don’t go buy all these things at once.  It would add up fast.


This is the order in which I would buy these tools, based on how much I use them.

1.  Sharp Scissors.  The black ones are Ginger and the orange ones are Fiskars.  I don’t think the brand matters as much as the sharpness does.  Keep these scissors away from paper.  Paper dulls the blade way faster.  These are fabric only scissors!  If you scissors start to get dull, take them in to be sharpened.  You can usually get them sharpened for only a few dollars – way cheaper than buying a new pair.  Your local sewing or fabric centers usually offer this service.

2.  Pins.  Sharp pins with big heads are the best, but most of all, I love this magnetic pin cushion.

3.  Seam ripper.  I usually have 2 or 3 of these on hand.  You’d hate to not be able to find this when you need it!

4.  Retractable measuring tape.  With a touch of button, it rolls back up for you.  Such a time saver! Continue Reading →


Beginning Maching Quilting

One of my good friends is having a baby girl in March.  I decided to make a baby quilt for her!

Here is the fabric that we picked out:

After looking at patterns – I decided to just do something I was comfortable with.  I’ll branch out and do something hard on the next project (when it’s not for someone else.)

So, I picked out my favorite block that I learned how to do in my Beginning Quilting Class that I took at My Girl Friend’s Quilt Shoppe last fall.  I made 12 of those blocks, and put on two borders, one skinny, one wide.  Then I was stuck.  I didn’t want to pay to have it machine quilted – but I wasn’t brave enough to learn how to do it myself.  Luckily my sister Holly convinced me to learn.  She gave me this tutorial to learn how:  Thimble Blossom’s Camille Roskelley’s Stippling Tutorial.  Then I went to Holly’s house for a few days so she could help me do it.  After practicing over and over – I started to get better!  With Holly’s confidence in me, I started to machine quilt this baby quilt for my friend on my own sewing machine.  It’s not perfect – but I’m so proud of how it turned out.  I came home from Holly’s and did the binding on the quilt – so now it’s ready to show off!
Ready to see it?

I used the border fabric for the back as well…

Here’s a close one to see the machine quilting:

I love how it turned out.
Thanks Holly for all of your help!  I couldn’t have done it without you.

My First Quilt

Happy Veterans’ Day! 11-11-11
During the last few months, I have been taking a “Quilting 101” class at
My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe
It has been so much fun – and I have learned so much!
The class was four hours once a week, for six weeks.
Each week we’d learn something new in class, and then we’d have to go home and do more for homework.  So what we made in class turned out to be a cute little quilt, like a table-topper… and what we did for our homework turned out to be a beautiful lap-sized quilt.
Ready to see how mine turned out?
Here’s my table topper:
 I love how the teacher of the class taught us how to make six different types of quilt blocks.
The teacher even helped me piece together my scraps to make the back of my table topper!
 As you can see, it’s almost as big as my whole table.
My little boy loved it though – a quilt just his size.
And now… Here is my lap quilt…

This time I used a coordinating flannel for the back!
Don’t you just love the machine quilting that was done on it?

I think this quilt is the perfect size to cuddle with.. and of course my little boy think so too…
So there you have it – my first quilt!  Now I can officially say that I am a quilter.