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My Collection of Skirt Tutorials

I really enjoy sewing, mostly quilts and table runners, but lately I’ve been in the mood to make skirts.  I’ve made several skirts from the list below, and want to try the others.  I haven’t made a skirt for me that I love yet, but all of these are on my list!  I am going to buckle down and make me one very soon!  There are a lot of skirt tutorials out there in blog land, but these are the ones that I would most likely make.  Enjoy!

Twirly Jean Skirt by Make it Love it    I made this one, see in the pictures above.  My daughter loved this one and has since out grown it.  When our cousins came to visit, she found it in our too small pile and fell in love with it.  So we sent it home with her!

A Simple Skirt by Made    I have a new neighbor.  It’s my sister.  Right next door!  She came over the other day when I was making Kaylee a skirt for Easter.  Instantly, her girls wanted skirts too.  Following this tutorial, I whipped one up for both of her girls in about an hour or so.  They were so happy!

The Layered Skirt by Made   When I find a little time, this will be the next one that I make for the nieces.

Tiered Skirt by Kuky Ideas    I made this one several years ago with Black and White fabrics.  It turned out super cute, I just can’t find any good pictures of it.  (Before the blogging days!)

Petticoat Skirt Tutorial by Little Birdie Secrets    This is the one I made last week for Kaylee.  I made it start to finish in one day.  It’s very rare that I find enough time in one day to finish a project!  (You can see the picture of mine in the first image in this post.)  We love how it turned out, but Kaylee doesn’t love the raw edges that can fray, so I might be doing some hemming.


Two-Handed Pot Holder

My friend Susan invited me over last week to make a Two-Handed Pot Holder.

We got the idea, pattern, and picture (above) from ScrapBusters.
The site gives a good tutorial.  We didn’t follow it exactly, but it still worked out great.
I used scraps left over from my first quilt to make mine.  Here’s how it turned out:

Here’s my little model showing off how it is used:

It was a fun, easy project!
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My Tohoku Bag

Have you seen the “create with me” projects on Ucreate?  Each month Kari (at Ucreate) picks a new project for everyone to make.  Every month I say I’m going to do it, but I never get it done.  Well, this month I got it done and I just love how it turned out!

This months project was the Tohoku Bag from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar.  She had a great tutorial on her blog for FREE!  I whipped this bag out in 2 days, but I would say this is an intermediate project. Luckily I have made several bags before, so I have the basic idea of bags down.  I was going to use this for a purse, but it is a little big for me, so it will probably be my church bag instead.  You will notice that I put pockets on both sides of the bag, she only did pockets on one side.  My straps are also a little longer than she made hers.  Other than that, I just followed her tutorial.  I can’t wait to use it now!  Have you made something with a great free tutorial online?  Please share!  I’m sure there are more I need to find.