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Sticky-note craft tutorial

Do you need to make a last-minute gift for anyone?
Here is an inexpensive, but very practical idea!

First of all, I knew I’d LOVE this one because I LOVE sticky notes!
First, gather all supplies:
Cheap frame (that stands up) from the dollar store
some adhesive & hot glue gun
decorative paper
and a pad of sticky notes!

 Here is the frame I picked.
I slipped the paper out and traced it on my cute scrapbook paper. Then cut it out!
  Next, I grabbed these cute curly q’s for the corners that my neighbor cut out on her cricut. 
I also chose a pre-cut heart with a heart shaped brad on it.
 I glued them on with this glue. It made it a lot easier because it has such a fine tip on it!
Next I slipped my finished, decorated paper back into the frame.
 Finally, you hot glue the note pad on the outside of the frame.
 And that’s it!  So fun, cute, cheap, and easy!
Here are some more ideas of what they can look like!
Happy Crafting!

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Wall Picture Collage

I have been wanting to hang something on the wall in my kitchen ever since we moved in.  Between Emily and I, we finally dreamed up this Wall Picture Collage after looking at lots of other people’s photo collages- and I love the way it turned out.
Here are all the things that I bought.
(all found at walmart)
This entire project was under $20. My kind of project!
*pictures you want to use (I had free prints from Costco)
* 2 20×30 foam core boards (I got two black ones $2.88 each)
*poster hanger thingies ($2.44)
*foam brushes ($.97)
*double sided tape ($3)
*mod podge (I already had some)