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Balloon Birthday Wreath Tutorial!

Last year my friend, Gena, made a super cute balloon birthday wreath with her mom and sisters!  I’ve wanted one ever since…and I finally got it done! Thanks Gena for the great idea!
First, I gathered all my supplies.
*A straw wreath (leaving the plastic on so that you don’t make a huge mess!),
*about 8 packages of 25 balloons from the dollar store,
*some curly ribbon,
*and a lot of craft pins.
Walmart had the craft pins 100 for $1.00. They were a little more at JoAnn’s.
Then I simply started “pinning” the balloons in the wreath.
I LOVE all the colors, but you could pick and choose if you wanted too.
(One of the things I really like about this wreath is that it is gender neutral!)
 I put the pins close together (about 1/2 inch apart) and then at the end, I made a few adjustments.
Isn’t this SO fun?  It makes me smile just thinking about it!  It’s so bright and cheery!
Who wouldn’t be excited to wake up and find this hanging on their door??
(Okay, maybe my husband, but I’m still hanging it!  Love ya hun!  🙂
When that was complete, I just “pinned” in some of the ribbons here and there
to make it look FULLAND FUN!!!
And because I loved all of the “after” pictures for different reasons,
here are a few more for your viewing pleasure!
Go make one today!  It really is super fun!
I recommend doing this with a friend (or in my case…sister :).
It goes a lot faster, it saved my poor tired thumb, and we had fun talking the whole time!
Thanks for your help Cali!
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Inside craft with the kids!

This week is SPRING BREAK for us.  Which means the kids will be driving me nuts we will have a lot of time to spend together!  🙂  Sadly for us, it started with blizzard like conditions.  No park, picnics, or bike rides like we had hoped….so we had to pull out the big guns…. A CRAFT!  Lucky for me, my sweet cousin,  Megan, e-mailed me an idea for just such an occasion.
It worked out perfect!  My kids LOVED it!

All you do is heat your pancake gridle.  (You get different outcomes with lower and higher heat.  I set mine on 200*.)  Then you let the kids pick a picture to color.  They can choose to do a coloring book page or a black paper.  Then they color with crayons and they will melt as you color!  When they’re all done, hold them up to the window and they make these GORGEOUS stain glass windows.  Even the WORST of colorers have sheets that turn out awesome!  Be careful with the little ones around the heat, of course.  I just held their little elbows up.  You should definetely try this out today!
Thanks again Meg!  You rock!
{Don’t forget about the give-a-way.  Just click  here!}

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Covered Notebook Tutorial

Last week we made these super cute covered notebooks for our Young Women’s activity.

I have LOVED mine and all my kids wanted one too!
They are inexpensive and fun to make, so I came up with a tutorial for you so you could make one too!
First, you gather the supplies.  You will need atleast 1/3 yd of fabric, a composition notebook, velcro, hot glue gun and any embillishments you would like. (ie. buttons, ribbon, flowers, etc.)
I cut the first piece of fabric 18 inches by 11 1/2 inches.  Then I used an iron to get the wrinkles and fold marks out.  **Tip: you may also need to pay attention to the pattern of your fabric, if there is a definite up and down!  Next I “notched” or cut a V at the corner of the notebook so that it will fold in nicely!
Then I simply started folding the fabric over the notebook and hot gluing it into place!  I did one side and then made sure I had it pulled tight on the other side.  When you are gluing the short side of the notebook in, I just folded the corners in a little (like wrapping a present).  After you glue that all down, I covered the whole inside of the notebook with another piece of the same fabric to make it look nice and neat.
The inside piece should be about 7 inches by 9- 9 1/2 inches. 
When you are finished putting it all together, you can embellish with
whatever your little heart desires
(or in my case, whatever you have on hand! 😉 
*Tip: Make sure when using ribbon, you burn the edge so that it doesn’t fray!  On a few of the notebooks I’ve done, I added a thin ribbon on the inside to use as a bookmark.  If you do this, you should add it before you add the smaller piece of fabric to the inside.
To keep it closed, I added a wide ribbon (when gluing it on, be sure to NOT glue the notebook closed!)
and then I hot glued the velcro on it.
And in then end, you have a very functional gift for someone, a personalized doodling or writing book for the kids, or a place to put all of your grocery and menu lists.  Another nice thing about these is that you can make them for girls or boys.  Most of the things I make are for girls, so my son was VERY excited! 
I hope you have as much fun putting these together as I did.  The possiblities are almost endless! 
I already want to make another one with a ruffle on it and ooohhh….maybe I could use magnets to keep it shut instead of velcro!  What else can you come up with? 
 If you have other ideas or questions about what I’ve done,
just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!
Happy Crafting!
(P.S. Thank you to my sister, Cali, for taking and editing all of these pictures for me! 🙂

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