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How to make a canvas picture yourself!

A friend of mine was showing me how she made her own canvas pictures.  I just loved it and thought I would try to attempt this for myself.  It turns out it was REALLY easy! And super cost effective.  I noticed that on Shutterfly to buy a 16×20 canvas picture is $89.99. I know you can find Groupon deals for canvas pictures, but you won’t find a price like this.

*I spent $1.10 on a foam brush set at Hobby Lobby.
*$6.99 on the 16×20 matte print from Costco. (Thanks, Cali!)

*I got a pack of TWO 16×20 canvases for $4.18 (I printed off a 40% off coupon) They were $7.99 originally. Be careful too, I didn’t see the two-pack, only one for $9.99 first.  Look around or ask before you buy just one.
*I already had Modge Podge, so if you don’t have that already, you’ll need to get that.

*Here are the steps I took…

First spread out this all over the canvas.  Careful to get to the edges, but try not to get on the sides…

Spread a medium layer all over the canvas

Next, take your picture and before placing on, make sure you center it. You don’t want to have to peel it off and try it again. Now press the picture on-especially around the edges.

After the picture is securely on, pour more Modge Podge on. You’ll want medium coverage.

When I do this again with another picture, i will do smaller, diagonal strokes, instead of long ones. Let it dry 15-20 minutes to a glossy finish.

I decided not to make the edges rustic on this one.  My friend painted hers black, but I wasn’t sure I wanted that look.  I also think it would be good to get some ink and distress the edges and paint the edges brown.  I am still deciding on that one.  I also didn’t like it with my group of pictures on the wall because they were all framed.  I decided I like framed pictures look better together and matte pictures look better together, but I didn’t like it mixed.

So for about $12.50, you can make a really great family picture-perfect!

And lucky you guys! We are in the middle of a construction zone right now.  We bought the house across the street from us and are in the middle of remodeling it.  So, be ready for some fun Before and After pictures! I can’t wait to show you all of our progress.


Nursery redo

As many of you know, this little lady has turned a lot of blue in our house into PINK! 
I am having so much fun redecorating and adding some more feminine colors into our house.  This little lady makes me so happy! She is one month old already!  I know I’m her mommy, but isn’t she so cute!?
Here is what we’ve been working on…
I bought an old dresser on (a Utah based website where there is a TON for sale)  I bought this dresser for $60.  It has three pieces. Then my husband offered to take it to his work and spray it grey for me.  Here is the before
And the after

Here is my five year old little boy’s bedroom before we moved him into a bunk bed.  It’s quite the mess, but I wanted you to see the color and decor.  Here is the before…
And the After…
 I purchased the hardware online here.  The size was really unique, so I had to find the size online. 

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I’m a little challenged when it come to decorating my house.  We’ve been in our house over a year now, and my planter shelf was still empty and front room still boring.  So a few weeks ago I invited my friend (Thanks Monica!) to come help me decorate those two areas.  Here is my planter shelf now!  Don’t you love it?

Here are all the before pictures:
Here are the notes on where I got everything.  I don’t remember all the prices, some were on sale, some were on clearance and some we had coupons for.

I just love how a few new things makes all the difference!  We did get a few things for the kitchen, but these are my favorite:
Spoon, knife, and fork from Hobby Lobby.  Love.
I hope I’ve inspired you to add a few new accents to your decor to change things up a bit!

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