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Easter Week Guest Post

My friend Robyn does such a great job of teaching her kids the true meaning of the holidays we celebrate.  I love all the traditions that they do, and I’m hoping to implement some of them with our family.  I asked Robyn to post her Easter week traditions here, in case you need some last minute ideas!
Thanks Robyn!


I love Easter.  I have posted in the past about some of our activities.  I thought I would share our Easter Week schedule.  Yes, I know I’m doing this a bit late but for those who might join in or want to give it a go next year I thought I would share.

Sunday (Prior to Easter) The Triumphal Entry
Display picture of the Triumphal Entry from the gospel art kit.
Read Mark 11:1-10.
Make palm leaves with brown or green paper.
Act out Triumphal Entry using the palms.
(In recent years we laminated some palm leaves and play tic tac toe with them while reading sections from this article, “Palms for the Lord” By Dorothy Warner, March 1996 Friend.)

Monday Cleansing the Temple
Display picture of Christ cleansing the temple.
Read Matthew 21:21-14
Discuss why Jesus did this.
Re-enact cleaning the temple.
Clean the house or help with a household chore.
After the house is clean we hide 12 plastic eggs with the Easter symbols in them.  The kids take turn opening them and reading the accompanying scripture that tells the Easter story and the meaning of the symbol inside.

Tuesday Parables and Teachings
Display a picture of Christ teaching.
Discuss what parables are (Bible Dictionary “parables”).
Choose a parable to act out. (We usually act out The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Matthew 25:1-13.  We have also made play dough “lamps.”)

Wednesday Rest in Bethany
Read Mark 14:3-9
Discuss what anoint means (Bible Dictionary “anoint”).
Read Zechariah 11:12 & Mark 14:10-11
Color or make 30 silver coins while discussing Judas’s betrayal. Explain that 30 pieces of silver was the price commonly paid for a male slave in Jesus’s day.  Ask the children if they feel Jesus was worth this price, any price.  Testify of his infinite worth.

Thursday  Passover
Display the picture the Last Supper and of Christ washing the apostles feet.
Read Matt. 26:17-30
Prepare a simple Passover meal discussing the symbolism of the food.
Read John 13:4-15
Wash each other’s feet.
End by singing a hymn.
Display picture of Christ in Gethsemane.
Read Matthew 26:30-45

Friday Trial & Crucifixion
Display pictures of Jesus’s trial and Crucifixion.
Read Matthew 26:24-30.
Make a crown of thorns.
Taste the difference between vinegar and water.
(We used to make Easter story cookies but since they have nuts in them I was the only one that ate them.  We did this craft last year instead.)
Sing “Did Jesus Really Live Again?”

Saturday The Jewish Sabbath
Read 1 Peter 3:18-20 & parts of D&C138
Discuss where Jesus went after he died. (This is where we talk about Kyle and how he is assisting in the Spirit World with the work Jesus organized.)
Plan of Happiness Treasure Hunt (at the end they get their Easter Baskets with treats and a spiritual book inside.)
Prepare Easter Breakfast Rolls.

Sunday Resurrection & Appearances
Display picture of Resurrected Christ with Mary
Breakfast – Easter Rolls and Scrambled Eggs
Listen to Handel’s Messiah or Conference Talks about Christ while getting ready for Church.
Easter coloring page
Read Matt. 28:1-10, 16-20
Discuss how Mary and the Apostles felt.
Easter Dinner – fish and other foods contemporary to Christ’s day.
Watch Easter Video (either Lamb of God or Easter Dream).
(We love to sing with the ward choir for Easter, especially He is Risen!)

I know this can seem overwhelming at first.  You can just add in a few of the traditions each year.  I’ll admit that the first year we did it, it seemed like a lot but then most of the work of preparing for it was done and subsequent years have been less prep work.  You can always just show the picture for the day and read the scriptures to get started.

Wishing you a glorious Easter!

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Easter Activities for Little ones

Sickness found it’s way to our house this week, bummer.  I’ve had to get creative with my busy 5 year old.  I found some fun things online for him to do to keep busy-and I thought I’d share!  I think kids older and younger will like these activities as well.

Print off the template to make this lunch sack bunny here.  My little 5 year old colored the whole sack and  put cotton balls on the back for the tail.  It was really cute – and it entertained him for a while!

Here are some other Easter Activities I printed off.
Here is a fun Easter Egg to color (and other fun coloring pages)
A simple Easter word search for little kids.

I also loved all the fun things I found on this Martha Stewart website.  I think these Jelly Bean carrots would be such a cute spring decoration.
And last, but not least- this website is perfect for easter crafts, games, home decor and treats.


Quick (last minute) Easter Idea

Did you want to make something cute for your kids, a spouse, a church group, or a friend for Easter, but then never got around to doing something? Well, I’m here to tell you….it isn’t too late!! You can still make these cute plastic cup Easter Baskets!
All you need is:
two plastic cups
a pair of scissors
some Easter basket grass
and whatever candy you have!
My friend, Tonya, is hilarious, smart, cute and very FUN!!
She came over tonight and taught me how to make these cute (super cheap) Easter baskets for our young women!
 First, you take one cup and make slits in it about 2 1/2 inches long.
(You can eyeball it.  It doesn’t have to be perfect!)
Second, you make another slit up by the rim of the cup so that you can “hook” it onto the next slat.
It’s kinda hard to explain, but I hope you get the idea.
 The first few went easy but the last few were kind of tricky.  Stay with it.
Then…BAM!!  You have these stinkin’ cute baskets.
 They look even cuter when you get the handle across the top.
To make the handle, we took the second cup and cut a one inch wide piece off the top.
It’s a little bit of a challenge to get the “handles” to stay on, so we slit both ends of the “handle”
and slit two of the opposite sides of the basket and slipped them into each other.
(It’s late and I really hope this makes sense!!!  ha ha ha)
 Then we filled each one will some pink grass and some reeses eggs!!
So go make something cute today for someone you love!
(with something you probably already have in your kitchen cupboards! : )
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