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A Family Fun and Colorful Activity

Last night we had a really fun Family Home Evening!!
We started off by making some very colorful and tasty cupcakes!!

I got the idea from a Family Fun magazine.  You can go here to get the recipe and try it with your family!
While these delicious, little goodies were in the oven, we talked about the things we were “lucky
or blessed to have in our lives.  I had the kids write their ideas down on a clovers to
#1) hang up and make our home a little more festive, and
#2) to help them remember how many things they have been blessed with.
Next, I just decorated the top with Reddi Whip and everyone was ready to try one!
We LOVED them and the kids loved that they got to help too!

Lucky to Have You

Emily and I put together a little surprise for our husbands while they were at work to remind them how lucky we felt to have them in our lives.  We stuck with the St. Patrick’s Day theme and did everything green, and added a sign that says “I’m so lucky to have you!”  We went and dropped them in their cars, and they both loved it.
We wanted to print cute tags out,
but we were crunched for time (I don’t think the boys noticed).
We added:
*andes mints
*sunflower seeds
*sour apple rings
*green chip clips (for Bryan)
*green mouthwash (we were out.. haha)
*and a few other things..
It’s been a while since Emily or I had done something special for our husbands-
I’m sure it’s been too long for you too…
So, go surprise them, and remind them how luck you feel to have them!Other Lucky posts you might enjoy:
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I {heart} YOU!

Happy Valentines Day!!
I made these cute little kisses out of rice krispies for my four little sweethearts.
The older ones, who were in school, got them delievered to their class.
One was embarrased and one gave me a kiss.

These rings are the *new* fun item! I made these for all of the girls

in my daughters 5th grade class for Valentines day.
Of course we made them for all the teachers as well.
I got the idea from my friend, Lisa. Thanks Lisa!!
They are just rolled fabric flowers on adjustable rings.
So cute and So fun!
I got this fun Valentine idea here ! I backed ours on black card stock
and mailed them to all the grandparents and great-grandparents!
We hope you all had a great Valentines Day!
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