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St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie

About this time last year, I found this awesome recipe for a St. Patrick’s Day Smoothie.
It was the perfect time to try something super green– and my kids and I ended up loving it.
We’ve been drinking green smoothies almost every day for a year now, and we still love them.
There’s just something about knowing that my kids are drinking spinach and kale that makes me feel like a better mom. 🙂
So, if you’re looking for the perfect green food to have for St. Patty’s Day– try this one!
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Lucky to Have You

Emily and I put together a little surprise for our husbands while they were at work to remind them how lucky we felt to have them in our lives.  We stuck with the St. Patrick’s Day theme and did everything green, and added a sign that says “I’m so lucky to have you!”  We went and dropped them in their cars, and they both loved it.
We wanted to print cute tags out,
but we were crunched for time (I don’t think the boys noticed).
We added:
*andes mints
*sunflower seeds
*sour apple rings
*green chip clips (for Bryan)
*green mouthwash (we were out.. haha)
*and a few other things..
It’s been a while since Emily or I had done something special for our husbands-
I’m sure it’s been too long for you too…
So, go surprise them, and remind them how luck you feel to have them!Other Lucky posts you might enjoy:
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