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Creative Christmas Card

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards each year.  I make a collection on my wall and enjoy them for a few months.  If you haven’t sent your Christmas cards yet this year, it’s not too late!  Here is a simple card idea for you.


Maybe you haven’t gotten new pictures taken or maybe you don’t like to have your picture taken at all.  Don’t stress about all that.  This card doesn’t require a picture!  At you can customize your Christmas card!  Choose from tons of darling stick figures that represents your family and personality the best. You can still order these in time for Christmas!  December 19th is the deadline.  You can also use this promo code:  PEEPS  to receive 30% off! Christmas-Card-Idea These are not only the cutest Christmas cards I’ve seen, but they would also make a terrific gift!  Teachers, grandparents, and friends would all love this creative and fun idea. 250VisaGiftCard_PRIZE_Pic a Rafflecopter giveaway



Homemade Instagram Ornament

I’ve saved my favorite ornament for last.  This year I’ve loved using Instagram.  It is such a fun way to share things in your life with others and remember things you’ve done too!  Why not put your memories into an ornament?

This little wood block ornament contains our favorite family activities we did in 2013.  This is now my favorite thing on the tree.  It’s so easy to make too!

1.5 inch wooden blocks (any craft store should have them. I got mine at Hobby Lobby.)
Paint (Any color you want.  I think I’ll do a different color every year from now on.)
Mod Podge
Screw Eye Hardware (you only need one, but now I have 20!)
Vinyl (optional – for the name and year.  A sharpie would work too.)

1 – Paint block.
2 – Glue the pictures on with Mod Podge.  (I did mod podge on the block and the back of pictures, doing one at a time.  After it dried, I added a layer of mod podge on top of all the pictures.)
3 – Vinyl.  Add Vinyl to top of block.  (Or write on it with a sharpie.)
4 – Screw in your eye screw hardware.  I had to start mine by hitting it a few times with the hammer first.
5 – Ribbon.  Tie a ribbon through the eye screw to hang the ornament with.  Then use another piece of ribbon to tie the bow around the screw eye hardware.

More information about the pictures.  I printed mine at home, but anywhere you can print a picture is great.  I used photoshop to put all my images into a 4X6 file.  I made sure that all my pictures were just a tad smaller than 1.5 inches square.  I printed 5 pictures.  Yes, I put one on the bottom.  It was better than having an empty space.

If you don’t have photoshop, try using  You could also try using this tutorial from My Sister’s Suitcase about how to make a collage on your phone and send it to print — all from your phone.  Awesome!

We plan to make this ornament a tradition — adding a new one to our collection every year.  Love it!


Kids Craft Ornament

I’m joining Jonie from Just Between Friends this week making homemade ornaments.  Jonie make the cutest ornaments with her kids.  Be sure to go check it out.

My kids love making crafts.  They would make something every day if I would let them!  This ornament is perfect for the kids to make.  Keep it as a craft or tie a ribbon on it to make it an ornament.

I’ve seen these made with regular popsicle sticks, but these are mini popsicle sticks that are only 2.5 inches long.  That’s what makes this a better ornament or craft size that the regular popsicle sticks.  I got everything that I needed for this project at Hobby Lobby.  Mini sticks and assorted sizes of wooden circles.

Be creative.  Hot glue your popsicle sticks in any way you want.  I cut some of my sticks to be shorter for more variety.  Once you are all glued together, paint and decorate any way you want.  We used paint, glitter, and snowflakes.  Here is the front and back views of my two snowflakes.

My older kids would love coming up with their own snowflake design, but my younger one would be happy to just decorate a snowflake that is already made.  If you have smaller kids, you might want to glue some together and just let them decorate them.