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In 2012 I made these cute valentines for my kids to take to school.  I’m pretty sure it is my favorite printable valentine we’ve given.  When I made them, I just used my cutting machine to get it all done.  However, I’ve had a few requests for a way to print these out without a cutting machine.  Request granted.


Just print this printable valentine on pink, red, or white paper (or any color really!) and cut around them with scissors.  Cut along the straight lines inside the heart to have a place to attach the pencil.  You can find these cute pencils I used online.  Don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom by the little heart.

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75 Replies to “Just Write Printable Valentine”

    1. My 7 year old picked this option out of all the things he found. We both love it. Thank you for sharing! I love that it is just black ink on colored paper. Thank you!

  1. LOVE THIS! will be passing these out in the office for everyone. Quick and easy. 🙂
    Thank you for the printable!!!!

  2. Thanks for the cute idea with the printable .pdf!! Saved a bunch of time and I think my granddaughter’s classmates are going to love this!

  3. Thank you for this idea! We are working on being more healthy in our house so staying away from giving candy Valentines was a must. This is cute enough that my kids aren’t even complaining it’s not candy! We found heart pencils at the dollar store. Cute, cheap and healthy. What more could a mom ask for?!

  4. Thank you! This will go perfect with my pencils that I got for my preschoolers as I don’t like giving them candy for Valentine’s Day. This is such a time saver!

  5. I would be interested in the cutting machine version. I have a silhouette cameo & would love to know if you have that file type.

  6. Thank you!! The perfect Valentine for my daughter. She is so excited about it, and I am thrilled we get it make it together.

  7. What a cute idea! I downloaded them and am excited to make these for my 4th grade students. Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Hi Holly!

    I love these and so does my daughter. We’re using them for her class Valentine exchange! Can’t wait to put them together with her. Thank You!

  9. This year writing has been a huge focus on at school and my students love mechanical pencils. This is the perfect Valentines Day gift, along with lots of sweet candy!! Thanks so much!

  10. Thanks for the darling printable. I’ll be using it for my little Sunday School class this year. Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2016.

  11. Thank you for this!! Making these for both my 5th graders classroom and my 2nd graders classroom! All the cutting will get tedious but welcome to motherhood LOL! I just hope I can get them all cut in a straight way. Especially the lines where the pencils go in. Any advice?

  12. These are a really great alternative to candy valentines, and so very cute! They will be perfect for my daughters class. Thank you so much!

  13. Cute! Just printed them out on pink paper after buying a bunch of cute pencils from the $1 section at Target. I think these are going to be a hit! Thanks for sharing!

  14. These SAVED me! I went to 3 different stores and they were all sold out of valentine cards for my daughters’ school parties the next day. I bought a few packages of valentine themed pencils from the dollar store and printed these out to use with them. They turned out super cute! Thanks a lot!

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