Yummy Recipes

A few months ago I told you that I needed to Branch Out with my recipes.
I am proud to report that I really have been doing it.
Twice a month I make a list of menus – I try to do 5 new recipes and 5 old recipes.
(10 menus is enough to feed my small family for about two weeks.)
Then I just make my grocery list off of the ingredients I need for those menus.
It has been working pretty well.
There have been a few disasters, but for the most part, we have liked what we tried.
Here are some of the awesome recipes I found – and plan to do again soon.
This is my own picture, and it does NOT do it justice.
Thank you Western Family for this wonderful recipe.
We cooked a couple chicken breasts and cubed them up to toss into the hot Fettuccine.

When I did that post back in March, someone left a comment that suggested I look at the Campbell’s website.  What great advice!  This recipe and the picture come from Campbell’s Kitchen.
We just had it with regular white rice, and it was fantastic.
My husband loves Chinese Lemon Chicken.
One day he got online and just looked up a recipe and made it for us for dinner!
Thank you blogchef.net for providing a wonderful recipe.
It turned out so yummy!
This recipe I got out of my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.
(But I found it online, so just click on the linked menu name above!)
We loved it.  My favorite part was the pastry topper on top.
It was delicious!
Hopefully these recipes will help you decide how to answer the dreaded question:
“Mom, what’s for dinner?”
Happy cooking!
P.S.  For more great recipes, check out our Recipes tab here on Bits of Everything!

10 Replies to “Yummy Recipes”

  1. Thanks for the ideas Ash! I’ll add a few of these to my list of meals next time I go shopping. I especially liked the pork chops and lemon chicken recipes! Can’t wait to try those!

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