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Backyard Campout Tradition

Every summer we like to do a Backyard Campout Tradition.  Nice and easy….. Well, you don’t have to drive anywhere, but I guess it’s still work getting everything out and setting it up.  This is something that my kids look forward to every year.  I will cherish this fun activity while it lasts.  🙂  Last year, we weren’t able to do it because we had a backyard full of mud.  After we got our sod in a few weeks ago, I knew this would be one of the first things on our to do list.


There have been very few times (if any) that we have all made it through the night in the tent, but the fun part is being outside together away from the usual distractions.

We always have a fire.  That’s probably my favorite part.  Someday we will have a permanent fire pit in our yard, but until then, this one does the job.  Nothing fancy.

We visit, laugh, play games, run around, be silly, and most importantly, we make memories together.  Sometimes its these simple activities at home that the kids remember more than the expensive trips.

There is still time to plan a fun family activity before the snow flies, so do it soon!!  You will love it.

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Sidewalk S’mores

We have had some of my favorite teenage girls staying with us recently, and they’ve been doing a great job of helping me entertain the kids.  One thing we decided to make were some sidewalk s’mores!

The little kids were so super excited to make their s’mores.
After we put them together we let them sit in the sun for about 30 minutes.
(Some of us were more patient than others.. haha)
I missed my marshmallow being roasted… but the melty chocolate was a plus!
A super fun (and messy!) activity for a hot summer day!
Happy August!

Free Math App

Do you have your kids do school work during the summer to keep up their skills?
I usually buy them a workbook and have them do a page or two as part of the daily jobs.
Well, I think news like this will help my kids WANT to do math this summer.
I got this note from my 4th graders teacher:

·                    FREE MATH APP!!:  There is an FREE Math App for practicing basic facts.  “Sushi Monster” is a Special iPad Preview that provides students with the opportunity to extend their knowledge beyond basic math fluency.  “Sushi Monster” is designed to meet the new Common Core State Standards.  Download for free in the App Store! 
Here is the description on the iTunes site:
Meet Sushi Monster! Scholastic’s new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging. 
I’ve downloaded it and I’m hoping this will be fun for all my kids to play!
Do you know of any other educational and fun games for the ipad?
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