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Easter Egg Hunt for Younger Kids

For years now we have done our Easter egg hunt the same every year.  It works great, so why change?  Let’s be honest, egg hunts can be tricky.  The older/quicker kids get more and the little ones don’t get very many OR you have to recount your eggs ten times because you know you are only supposed to pick up 15 eggs.  I don’t think either of those options are fun.  That is why we do a color coded egg hunt.


We assign each kid a different color of egg.  (Obviously, in a huge group this would be pretty difficult.)  One year when it was only my 3 kids, I assigned two colors to each kid.  Everyone knows what color they are looking for.  Here is where the fun comes in.  Everyone can hunt at their own pace.  If you see an egg and it’s not your color, leave it alone and don’t tell anyone where it is.   Keep looking for your own color of Easter egg.


Doing  a color coded Easter egg hunt is the best way to do an egg hunt with young children (or even older kids too!)


Quick and Easy Easter Gifts

If you are looking for quick and easy Easter gifts… I have the cutest thing for you today.  Print this simple Easter gift tag for the perfect touch to your gifts!

Good Egg1

Fill a few plastic eggs with little treats.  Put a little grass and your Easter eggs into a plastic bag.  (This is a great deal on a huge bag of plastic eggs!)  Print “Good Egg” gift tag and tie to the bag with some ribbon or twine and you are ready to go!  There is even a little space at the bottom for you to sign your name.

Good Egg2


Good Egg Easter Eggs are available in four different ombre colors AND you can print 6 eggs to a page.  Perfect size for a little Easter Gift.

Good-Egg-Gift-Tag2Download Good Egg Printable

These would be perfect for your kids, your students, neighbors, or friends.  I am using these for my young women.  Anyone would love a little note like this to brighten their day!  

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