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Chest Freezer Organization & Summer Snacks

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Having the kids home for the summer can be a little tricky!   With just a little planning and organization, your summer could be even better!  Kids get cranky when they are hungry… that is why one of the first things on my to do list was snacks.  Having good snacks on hand makes it so much easier to keep the kids away from the junk food.  (Don’t get me wrong, we love our sweets too –  just not all day!) I was so excited when I found these Outshine fruit bars.  They are made with real fruit, fruit juice, and even some veggies too!


In order for my kids to be able to find these good snacks in my freezer, we needed to do some organization.  We’ve had this chest freezer for years.  It’s great, but it gets messy so easy!  I finally took some time to come up with some chest freezer organization tips for you.

1 – Containers.  Get some containers to help keep your food separated and organized by categories.  I found these crates at Wal-Mart.  They were the perfect size!

2 – Empty out your freezer (and defrost it while you’re at it.)  As you take everything out – toss the old stuff, and sort the good stuff by category.  I used 4 crates – veggies, fruit, meat, and treats.  I also used 3 smaller crates – butter, jam, and odds and ends.


3 – Recruit help.  This was the perfect project to get my daughter helping with.  🙂

4 – Clean freezer.  Wipe down all the walls and floor inside the freezer.  I know I don’t do this often enough! (If you are short like me, you can’t quite reach the bottom of the freezer… so just climb in…it made it way easier!)


5 – Stock the freezer.  With all of your containers organized by category, you are ready to load the freezer back up.  I put the more used items on the top.  I have one hanging basket that came with my freezer that makes the perfect snack basket!  The kids always know where to find a great snack (without me having to go dig for it!)  I stocked my snack basket with Pepperoni Hot Pockets and Outshine fruit bars (which can both be found at Wal-Mart.)





6 – Enjoy!  Being organized feels so good and having great snacks on hand is wonderful!


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Getting Organized with All Access Organizers

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My poor closet. It has been neglected for a long time. After we moved in (over 2 years ago!), things just keep getting tossed in. What a mess. It’s hard to find anything in there!  

The worst part is this right side of the closet.  I have some containers there, but I can’t get into them.  Not very smart.   

Today I got to work. Tossed out the junk and the cardboard boxes. Got some need All Access Organizers from The Home Depot and got to work. Once I had the right containers, it didn’t take long before my closet looked great!

This is my first time using the All Access Organizers. Here is a little more about them.  
Traditional bins and containers work well for storing and organizing items, but it can  
    often be difficult to find and access what you’re looking for – especially if it’s at the
    bottom of a stack of containers. The NEW All Access™ Organizers feature an
    innovative, clear drop-down door so you can easily see and retrieve the items you
    want, even when the organizers are stacked.

I love the turquoise color of my new Rubbermaid containers. They are way more fun than my plain white ones. They are easily stacked and can open when stacked too. I love that I can easily see and access what is stored inside. Being able to see all my cute minky and flannel fabrics makes me want to make something.

These All Access Organizers are perfect for closets, playrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere you need some storage.

Feels so much better, right?  I’m excited to do my next project and be able to quickly find the things I need.

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The Memorabilia Solution

One of our bigger marital “discussions” is always about what to keep, and what to throw away.
I am sentimental, and want to keep notes, cards, pictures, etc.
My husband doesn’t love clutter, and likes to throw things away.
We eventually discovered that he was happy keeping special things, if they had a specific place to be.
Ikea boxes.
 These boxes are so awesome!
They look nice, and they are big.
 We got a box for each kid, as well as one for each of us. 
(well, more than one for me.. haha)
We also have one for the things that we have given each other since we were dating.
 The kids love having a place to put their drawings, birthday cards, growth charts etc.
So, I get to keep sentimental stuff, and it’s not cluttery… win/win!