The Memorabilia Solution

One of our bigger marital “discussions” is always about what to keep, and what to throw away.
I am sentimental, and want to keep notes, cards, pictures, etc.
My husband doesn’t love clutter, and likes to throw things away.
We eventually discovered that he was happy keeping special things, if they had a specific place to be.
Ikea boxes.
 These boxes are so awesome!
They look nice, and they are big.
 We got a box for each kid, as well as one for each of us. 
(well, more than one for me.. haha)
We also have one for the things that we have given each other since we were dating.
 The kids love having a place to put their drawings, birthday cards, growth charts etc.
So, I get to keep sentimental stuff, and it’s not cluttery… win/win!

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