Reminders about saving money!

My reminder today is about a few ways to save money! Every bit helps, right?!
Recently, I found an EXCELLENT sale at a grocery store that I never shop at.  If you’ll remember from this post I did a while ago, Pinching Your Pennies is an excellent website.
Before I go grocery shopping each week, I jump on this website, click on my state (on the right hand side) and click through the different grocery stores in my area and make sure I’m not missing out on an excellent deal.  Remember these tips about shopping…

*You can print off a lot of coupons online these days and take them right with you to the store.  Some even just require you to show your phone.
*When you get the mail coupons-look inside and pull out the “Red Plum” or “SmartSource” inserts and save them.
*Even if you aren’t interested in couponing, print off the .75 cent off milk coupons! You all buy milk right?
*When you are shopping online, ALWAYS check to see if there is a promotion code online.  (Even if it’s a store that you think won’t have any deals) Just last week, I went to print off some pictures at our local grocery store. I was doing it online and just really quick checked to see if there was a discount.  There was a $2.00 off code to enter! Wahoo!
*This website is great for checking to see if there is a coupon online or in the store that you are going to shop at. This website is super helpful for any store you go to.  Last week I went to Kohl’s to buy some clothes and printed off a coupon to take to the store. They vary, so it’s worth a check every once in a while.
*JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s ALWAYS have 40% off coupons.  Plan ahead to print one off their before you go.
*REMEMBER, it’s not a great deal if you clip coupons for things that you wouldn’t normally buy.

Hope this helps-Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Parece que sabe muito sobre isto, como escreveu o livro nele ou algo assim. Eu acho que você pode fazer com algumas fotos para dirigir a mensagem para casa um pouco, mas em vez disso, este é um excelente blog. Uma leitura ótima. Eu definitivamente vou voltar..

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