Birthday Picture Banner

I’ve been loving circles lately!
My baby girl had her first birthday this month-
I found a couple cute ideas HERE and HERE
and put together a little banner for her with pictures from every month of her first year.


I had Holly sew the circles together, and Ashlee help me with the circle cake
(that’s what sisters are for, right?)
I loved how it turned out. Simple, but cute.
Another fun thing I did with some neighbor kids after reading “the Hungry Caterpillar” was make a little caterpillar out of circles!
The kids absolutely loved these, because they could wiggle them around like a real caterpillar…
Don’t you love the water spot on Addie’s? oops.
I just punched one inch circles and held them together with brads!
The kids loved it.
And if I had a 3 inch circle punch? I would make everything on THIS website. Β It’s awesome.
Happy Monday!

3 Replies to “Birthday Picture Banner”

  1. Good thing you have a sister in law that does Stampin Up! I can help you out with that punch πŸ™‚ Sounds like we need to get together! That project is so cute on that website!

  2. i really am not anxious to get to jadie’s first birthday, but when i do, i really might steal this circle theme because i love the simplicity of it so much. i actually just made your sisters st patricks clover banner thing and sewed the clovers together. i like sewing paper. for whatever reason, it makes me happy. thanks for sharing, and dont get mad if i copy your idea in august, ok? πŸ™‚

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