Photography Tips: Using Natural Light

One of the most important parts of getting great photos of your kids is understanding where your light is coming from.
Here’s a picture demonstration of how lighting can effect the outcome of the picture.

I wanted to get a picture of Claire in her crib- so I took the following picture from the doorway after her nap. The window was straight across from me, to the side of Claire…
I love it, but it doesn’t show her beautiful bright blue eyes very good right?
That’s because she’s not facing the light source. Which makes all the difference.
After I changed her out of her jammies, I put her back in the crib and stood in front of the window for this next shot….(facing the light source, but not in direct light)
Ah. Now her eyes have the important catch lights, and her face is brightly lit.
So having your child face the light is the most important key to getting great pictures of your kids.
Unless of course (there are always exceptions), you were going for dramatic side lighting – which is also beautiful.
The bottom line is to practice getting to know the light in your house.
Do you want sparkly eyes? Face the light source. (i.e.- the window)
Shadows and drama? light to the side.
Light pouring in behind your subject? Back to the light.  (backlighting is amazing, but semi-hard to do)
Here’s one more example-
This is such a basic- but vital part of photography,
and something that anyone can do with any kind of camera to greatly improve your pictures!
*I am in no way claiming to be a Pro at photography- I’m simply a mom that wants the best pictures of my kids possible. I have read and practiced for 3 years– and am happy to share some tips with others.

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