Sewing for NON sewers!

I’ll be the first to admit….I’m not a seamstress.
In fact, I didn’t even do well on the sewing part of Home Ec either!
However, my sister and I were in Walmart the other day and I spotted this cute fabric.  It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it is already gathered up at the top, and I thought to myself……
“Hey Em, You could TOTALLY do this!  Make yourself an Easter dress”
So……..I did.  🙂
No pattern needed.  I just hemmed and made one seam down the back.
You just measure your bust (I’ll not be telling you what mine was! Ha ha!) and add one inch.
Then I added some ribbon (burnt on both ends so it doesn’t fray) and Voila!  A Very Cute Dress!
 So what do you think?  Ready to try it?  You should totally go for it!
The fabric cost $11.47 per yard at Walmart and $.55 per inch at JoAnn’s.
So I got the whole dress for just over 12 bucks!  Not too shabby!
And just for fun, these are my favorite kids in their Easter clothes!
Such cuties!
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7 Replies to “Sewing for NON sewers!”

  1. $11.47 per yard or $55 an inch?? Is that right? I’ve never seen fabric already gathered on only half of the fabric before. I’m am very impressed! I think I need to make one.

  2. Before our W-M got rid of their fabric section, they had some of that type of fabric. Only it wasn’t as long as yours, or I would have bought the whole bolt when they clearanced it.

    This turned out so cute that now I’m wanting to look up a W-M with a fabric section. 🙂

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