Getting ready for summer!

The sun finally came out today!  It was so nice.  We all LOVED it!
When the older kids got home from school, they all went outside to play together.  It was fabulous!
(Did anyone else just sing “Fab-u-lous”? Okay, I guess I’ve seen High School Musical a few too many times!)
Anyway, the nice weather got us thinking about SUMMER and a yummy, cold treat!
This is one of our favorite treats to get #1- because they are yummy & #2-(my favorite reason) they are cheap!
Our town has a “Common Sense” Exxon gas station.  They offer small icee’s for $ .28.
Can you believe that?  That could quite possibly be the best deal in town!
 Not only that, but if you take in your report cards……yup…they give you one for FREE!!
 Then, of course, we had to hit the park on the way home.
I really wanted to wear them out to let them have some fun before bedtime!
Do you have any good deals you LOVE??  We’d love to hear about them!
P.S. Today is my sister’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Ashlee!!
If you haven’t checked out her Mothers Day idea, check it out here!

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