Josh Wright

Last week when all of us were together, we were able to go to a concert.
All of the performers were fabulous….
but I was most impressed with a young man that had extreme talent on the piano.
Seriously, my jaw dropped as I watch his talented fingers fly across the piano.
I’m pretty sure my mouth continued to hang open until his performance was over.
When I got home, I told my husband about it….
And so for my birthday he bought me this CD:

I am loving it!
The eleven songs on the CD include arrangements of Hymns and Classical pieces.
Josh helped arrange several of them himself – and all of them sound beautiful.

Okay… are you ready to see for yourself?
Watch this video of Josh playing two pianos at once!


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  1. Ash…that was such a great post! He is seriously amazing! Thanks for posting that video! I’m in awe… 🙂 I bet that CD is awesome!

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