A New Leaf (pun intended)

Lately, I’ve been turning over a new leaf in the eating department.
I’ve been more interested in, and open to having more vegetables in my diet
and I feel like I can tell a real difference in the way I feel.
One thing that I really wanted to do for myself was to have a better lunch.
I’ve never wanted to have a salad because you have to cut everything up,
stuff goes bad if you don’t eat it…
it just seemed like a hassle to me. 
So, I’ve tried something new this past week or two, 
and I’ve been loving it.
I cut all my vegetables up in one morning.
carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and celery (not pictured)
Then I cooked up a chicken breast and put some bbq sauce on it,
and bagged them all up for the week.
Then I whipped up some italian dressing..
And when it was time for lunch, 
I only had to cut the lettuce and grab all the bags of precut veggies and pour some on top.
I added some chowmein noodles, and crasins for kicks,
and we’ve got ourselves a beautiful (and tasty!) salad.
I feel so good when I eat well, so this small change has been worth it!
Another unintended perk is that my almost 3 year old begs me for some every time– awesome.
I added a little variation by adding the leftover meat from THIS dinner we had (delish, by the way),
and even threw on some cilantro and avocado into the salad.
I’ve also been adding some spinach to my lettuce, which is another awesome way to get more spinach into my diet.
Try it!

6 Replies to “A New Leaf (pun intended)”

  1. sometimes, when i read your blog, i like to guess if you (cali) are the one posting or not. your pictures gave this one away. 🙂 thanks for posting this. my mom is a health nut and just yesterday i was telling her i want (need) to lose weight. i am going to implent this once i get back home to utah. thanks for all your inspiring on BOE and DM!

  2. Great idea Cal… Does it fill you up? I guess I don’t put enough on my salad, because if that’s all I eat, I’m hungry again in like an hour or two. Maybe I’ll try it your way… Maybe. (It’s a lot of veggies to promise anything.) ha ha.

  3. @Ashlee, I’ve been trying to eat better myself, which includes eating breakfast. I complained one day to my boss, a health-nut, that the more I eat, the hungrier I seem to get! He says it’s actually a good thing; it means your metabolism is kicking in and burning off the food, and now would like re-fuelling. He’s also a huge fan of the idea of 3 small meals interspresed with healthy snacks. He nibbles all day and yet is skinny, so there must be some truth to all of it.

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