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I love Mother’s Day.  It’s so great to have a day off occasionally.  This year, I told my husband to not spend much on me for Mother’s Day because we have been working on a new sewing/cutting table for me (don’t worry, I’ll show you when it’s done!)  So, besides my new table, I got some new books.  I’m loving them, and I’ve only had them 3 days!   I love them so much, I wanted to give a copy of each of them to 1 lucky reader!  That’s right, both of my favorite books.

Our Best Bites is such a fun recipe book.  I think that I have made more recipes out of this book than any other cook book I own.  I have printed off quite a few recipes from their blog, but having them all printed in this book is saving me so much time (and paper!)

Bedtime and Naptime…  by Hilary Weeks is a simple little book about being a mother.  My favorite part of this book is the bonus CD that comes with it.  Her songs about life as a mother as so funny!  I have listened to the CD several times already.  Every time I turn it on, my kids say “again?”  They are fun songs to sing a long with and I will never be able to play chopsticks on the piano again without singing my to do list with it!

If you would love me to send you your very own copies of both of my favorite books, just be a follower of “Bits of Everything.”  Just leave me a comment with your name and where you are from.  One entry per person.  The giveaway will end on Friday, May 13 at 10 pm.  I will announce the winner on Saturday, May 14.  Good luck!

PS – I’m sneaking into the International Quilt Market this weekend and couldn’t be more excited.  My husband’s company, Email Contact, has a booth.   I will happily wear an email contact shirt, if that gets me in!  Okay, I’ll help it the booth a little, but I might be too busy walking around and meeting lots of fabulous people to actually do much work.  🙂  Will I see any of you there?  Come say hi!

49 Replies to “My Favorite Books Giveaway”

  1. I’ve been eyeing that cookbook since the day it came out & I’ve heard the chopsticks song on that CD by Hillary Weeks and that will give you renewed energy. And renewed energy is something I can always use. 🙂 (And can I just say that I love that Cali entered.)

    Melissa Yeates, Nibley, UT

  2. Oh me, oh my!!!! Those are GOOD books. I’ve never followed a blog before – but for this give-a-way… I’m in! Crossing my fingers. 🙂 Kendra Johnston Liberty, Missouri

  3. Both of these books are on top of my I WANT I WANT I WANT list 🙂 You are the first blog I have “officially” followed just in hopes of winning!!

    Natalie Garritson Morgan Utah

  4. Coming in late to say I’d love those books! I’ve been wanting to get my own copy of Our Best Bites for a while since I’ve made lots off of their website!

    Idaho Falls

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