Cuisinart Slushie Maker!

Have you seen this Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker at Costco? 
I heard it was awesome, so this summer we HAD to try it out!
 I was so excited to try it out and as I flipped through the recipe booklet, I saw this:

*You do have to actually freeze the mixing bowl, so make sure you do that ahead of time.*
Start by getting your frozen bowl out of the freezer and putting it on the machine.
Then put the top on and turn on the machine.
Next, add about 4 cups of cola or other soda, lemonade, cranberry juice, white grape juice, or Kool-Aid.
 This time we tried Ruby Red Squirt and it can hold up to 2 cans.
You let the machine do it’s thing for 15-20 minutes and…..presto!  You have a perfectly textured slushie!
 Not too runny or to crunchy….just right!
 Yup, it was definitely a hit!
It does say to not use “sugar-free” products, but I’m not sure why.
So far we’ve tried: Lemonade, Root Beer, and Ruby Red Squirt.

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  1. We have one of these…fun fun fun!! Lemonade is yummy in it as is SunnyD (one of my kids favorites) we used diet pop in it a couple of times and it froze hard to the sides and was just wierd…not sure why…but that’s what happened

  2. We got one of these as a wedding present 7 years ago. This year we’ve been experimenting with frozen yogurt, so far with pretty excellent results. I don’t know how much the machine costs, but I bet it’s worth every penny!

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