World’s Best Sandwich

I know it’s not the best picture, but stick with me.

My friend Toni makes the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever eaten.
I’m not a huge sandwich fan, either… so that’s really saying something.

I finally got the recipe, and made it for Bryan.
He said it lived up to all the hype I gave it. We loved it!

Here’s the recipe– try it!

You need:
french bread
(I got some good turkey from the deli– it’s so much better)
swiss cheese
parmesan cheese
garlic salt
bacon (optional)

To make:
Spread butter on top and bottom of garlic bread (cut down the middle)
sprinkle garlic salt and parmesan cheese and then broil until toasty and melty.
Add turkey and swiss cheese to half, and broil that half again until the cheese melts.
Then add the rest of the toppings, and top with the other half of the bread.

It’s the perfect summer meal.

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  1. Hey Cali, it looks like you put the avoc. on the bottom of the sand, is that right? Just want to make sure there isn’t a secret way to put the sand together to make the happiness in the mouth as we devour

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