Fabric Transfer Crayons

I have a really cute friend named Telena and she agreed to do a guest post for me today!
She has a great husband and 3 handsome little boys!
 Her blog is fun to read because she shares her feelings and ideas on:
parenting, budgeting, and enjoying every moment!
You can find her blog here.
                                                    Take it away Telena!                                                
This is a really fun and simple summer project you can try with your kids.
We made shirts using fabric transfer crayons.
I bought mine at JoAnn’s but I’m sure you could get them at any crafting/fabric store.
The package comes with 8 basic colors.
I also bought shirts (white works best so that all the colors will show). 
 Here’s the process: I let my kids draw a picture on a white sheet of paper.  (Okay, I helped Tyler some.)
They need to color hard.  In fact, I went back over their drawing with the crayons to make it darker once they were done.  **Remember that the picture will be reversed once it is ironed onto the shirt.**
 Once the pictures were complete, I placed them right side down on the front of their shirts.
Go over it with a warm iron and the picture will transfer onto the shirt.
 Here is how they look finished.  They were really easy and fun, and my boys were SUPER excited about them!  Be sure to wash them in cold water and lay them flat or hang them to dry.  Enjoy! 

Thanks Telena!  I bet my kids will LOVE this!

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