Not Just For Cookies

Two years ago, I took a Wilton Cake Decorating Class.
I learned tons of tips and tricks there – my favorite of which was this one:
Using a cookie cutter.
After you cook, cool, and frost your cake, start into the decorating part.
Insead of free-handing each shape, use a cookie cutter.
Gently press it into your icing, but not into the cake.
This way you have an outline you can trace.
I usually outline the shape with a tip 3, and fill it in with tip 16 stars.
Here are some cakes I have made doing this….
I made this one when my nephew was born.
Cali and I did this one for Claire’s first birthday.  She posted about it HERE.
Cali and I also did this same trick on Addie’s 2nd Birthday Cake.
Thanks Cali for letting me use your cakes as examples!
See?  Now you can use your cookie cutters even more…

They aren’t just for cookies.

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