I cannot tell you how much fun I have had with this new gel paint that cures called Gelish. (similar to Shellac) It. Is. Awesome! Have you painted your nails and that same day they chipped and started bothering you?  And what about the dry time?  Don’t get me started 🙂
This UV light curing process is quick and easy and I’ve started doing parties for friends.  You leave with beautiful painted nails that will last until they grow out (usually 2+ weeks!)  So so fun!
 Here is the chart of colors that Gelish offers.  What I need from all of you is….what is your favorite color?   Click on this website and scroll to the bottom to see all the fun choices…
What color would you pick to have your nails painted??

7 Replies to “Gelish!”

  1. Oh man! I want to have all of these! The colors I would love to try are: DIVA, Elegant Wish, and I think I’d like Emerald Dust on my tips! 🙂

  2. I love mint icing. My nail polish is always chipping. Great idea!

    For some reason it isn’t letting me post from my google account ID.


  3. With the holiday’s upon us (I know, all ready) Halloween would be a nice shade of Plum and Done. I’d wear Twinkle to a Thanksgiving party and Christmas the sparkly Good Gossip would be fitting (not the name but the color). Thanks for sharing.

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