Fall Family Traditions – Pictures in the Leaves

Since we’ve had kids, we’ve tried to start a few fun traditions for them that they will always look forward to year after year.  My kids are still small, but one of my favorites is going to see the fall leaves the first weekend in October.  We live in a new place since last October, so I didn’t know exactly where to go to see the best leaves..and since it’s been so warm lately, they hadn’t really started changing quite yet.

But here is this year’s picture:

We did find a little more color after we walked a little further…
Here’s our 2010 photo:
and our 2009 photo:
I love seeing how the girls have changed each year!
I’m hoping we can go out again this weekend, since it’s rainy this week
and see how the leaves have changed.
I love this tradition. The kids love it, and it’s free!
What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

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  1. You have adorable girls. My family lives right by Zion National Park and Kolob Canyon, so we drive up there every year and look at all the fall colors. It’s fun family time.

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