Christmas Traditions

For me, most of the fun surrounding the holidays is knowing what to plan on and look forward to.  We have certain things/events that we do EVERY December.  I love it. I love, love, love this time of year.  It is especially great with little ones.  Since our five year old is beginning to understand and ask more questions about Christmas and Santa-I have found myself looking back and remembering the great Christmases that I enjoyed as a child.  I wanted to share some of the great traditions that I grew up with in Centerville.  More than anything, I don’t think it matters so much what you do for Christmas, just that you create traditions with your own family and children that they can look forward and plan on each year.
 We always make a trek down to SLC to see the lights and walk around.

 Christmas Eve arrives and my mom loves to read Polar Express and any other Christmas books the Grandkids choose.  Caden loves it!
 We always eat Clam Chowder and Breadsticks for dinner.  Along with Shrimp Cocktail and veggies, and hot wassail.  We’ve eaten this for as long as I can remember.
 Time to roll out the cookies!
 Here is my mom’s house complete with luminaries the ward puts out each Christmas Eve
 We pop English “Crackers”  This family from England where my dad served his mission sends us a package each year.  The packages usually include these “crackers” that pop and inside you’ll find these fabulous paper hats.  Of course we all take our pictures with them on.  You thought these were just for the kids? Nah.
 We then read the Christmas story out of the bible and then we usually open one present (that is new PJS)  Then we rush the kids off to bed.  The youth in my mom’s ward fill white bags with sand and place a candle in them.  They drop off 5-6 of these bags on every houses porch Christmas Eve day.  Then everyone goes out and lights their candles up and down the roads.  It is spectacular.   
    I love that Mark and I have taken things from both of our families and started our own.  I love traditions!
What traditions do you enjoy at Christmas?

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