A Great Idea!

Does your bathroom counter look like this?
We need these awesome hair styling tools,
but where do you put them so that they don’t clutter your counter?
 The other problem is that you can’t plug in your blow dryer and your flat iron at the same time
because of the dreaded single outlets.
 Well, when my sister moved into her new house and noticed she had this problem,
she asked my husband (who does electrical work) to put in another outlet for her
UNDER the sink!  I know genius!
 Don’t you love the “after” picture?  
No more cord clutter on the counters for her!

4 Replies to “A Great Idea!”

  1. Genius! I think Bryan would love me more if he didn’t have to see the straightener on the counter all the time! Love it.

  2. It seems like the cords aren’t long enough to style your hair comfortably from that position. Also, if you’ve got that much free space under the counter, can’t you just store your styling tools down there when not in use?

  3. So simple, but I would never have thought of it! That is EXACTLY what my bathroom looks like…well, the one in the picture is a little cleaner than your picture, but whatever…i have make up and different lotions everywhere. If we could solve that, I’d be in business!

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