Nail Stamping Plates

I am a nail technician and have been doing Shellac from my house for about a year now.  I have so much fun with the colors and different options there are now for images you can put over the nails.
Have you ever wanted to paint cute images on your nails, but aren’t an artist?
Well here is the solution for you!
The plates I have purchased on  I have tried Konad plates(which are pricey, but I love) and a few months ago, I purchased some from Amazon that weren’t Konad. Check them out here. It came with 21 different plates and they work just as well.
I wanted to do a quick tutorial on how I apply them.  NOTE: For the best results–purchase the “Konad Special Paint” in order to properly apply these.  This paint is made for these plates and dries instantly.
It takes some practice, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work out just perfect the first time.  Also, if your paint gets old, it doesn’t work as well AND be sure to work quickly when applying this paint.  It dries quickly and needs to be applied quickly.
 Step 1: Wipe the plate with Acetone.
 Step 2: Apply “special polish” over the desired image-completely covering it.
 Step 3: Take the blade and swipe the image.
 Step 4: Take the stamper and make a rolling motion over the entire image.
 Step 5: Quickly roll image from one side of the nail to the other.
 Step 6: Apply to all desired nails and then apply a top coat to finish and protect the image.
 Here is what’s on my toes! I love these stamping plates!

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