Caramel Apples

For some reason, I have been in the mood for caramel apples lately.  I have been wanting to try to make them, but I didn’t want to try it alone – so I called up my friend Susan.  We had a great time together, and we learned a lot!

We followed this post from The Yummy Life.  Ours didn’t turn out quite as pretty as theirs – but they still tasted good! 

Here is what we did:

First we got the apples ready. We used Granny Smith apples. In order to get the wax off, we dipped them in boiling water. When they come out of the water, they look like this:

I started to panic that I had ruined the apples – but we quickly realized that all you need to do is just wipe them clean with a towel. 

We learned that the sticks go in much easier if you pierce the apples with a knife first.

Then they are ready to go!

Next, we got all of the stuff ready.  We crushed up the Oreos and Butterfingers in a blender.  In order to make our Apple Pie Apple, we combined 3 tablespoons of brown sugar with a 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice.  Then we melted butter and stirred in cinnamon – because we didn’t have any cinnamon baking chips.

We doubled the caramel recipe because we were doing ten apples.  This is two 14 oz. packages of caramel candies that we unwrapped.

We added 4 tablespoons of water and melted the caramel in the microwave for 4 minutes, stirring after each minute.

Then it was time to dip the apples in!

We scraped off the excess with a spoon…

and placed them on parchment paper.

Then we rolled them in the candy toppings we had prepared.  Next time we will remember to do this quicker.  Because we waited too long, we almost had to press the toppings into the caramel.

For our Apple Pie Apple, we iced the carameled apple with the cinnamon butter and then rolled it in the brown sugar mixture.

They turned out pretty good to this point!

Then we tried to melt chocolate chips and white vanilla chips to decorate with.  It should have worked fine… not sure where we went wrong.  Oh well.  We’ll do better next time.  Here’s the final project:

Our Apple Pie Apple did end up tasting the very best of them all.

Not bad for our first attempt, right?  We were excited about them, and they tasted great.

CLICK HERE to see the recipe we followed from The Yummy Life.

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  1. They look SO yummy! I would suggest next time just cutting a smaller whole or a smaller tip (whichever you used)for the melted chips. Good job.

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