Nursing helps

We welcome baby Alyssa! 
Born June 1st
6 lbs. 11 oz

This is my third baby, but when it comes to breastfeeding-I always feel like I am learning it for the first time.  This time our stay in the hospital we were lucky to have a lactation specialist come and orient those moms who were interested! I learned a lot and nursing has been much less painful.
I wanted to share a few nursing items that I can’t live without.  Hopefully, there are some new (and some not so new) moms who this will be helpful for.

My sister introduced these to me when I had our first baby. They are AWESOME! They are called O-Cal-ette’s. Heard of them?  They are these hard plastic cups that you wear inside your bra to catch the milk on the side that you aren’t nursing on.  It catches the milk and I am able to save it and freeze it for a future time.  Love them!  Mine have lasted three kids so far.  They can be purchased here.

Also, my favorite nursing pads are Lansinoh.  You can purchase them at about any grocery store.  You’ll love them.
And last of all, with this baby I finally purchased a good nursing bra.  I bought it at Motherhood Maternity and it is AWESOME.  I think I might need another one.

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  1. Congratulations!!!

    I used those cups too! Something similar anyway. I couldn’t save the milk so I only used the cups for when I needed healing time. It keeps the bra from touching them and allows them to heal.

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