Back To School Food Ideas

I can’t believe my kids go back to school this week!
(I’m half excited and half sad.)
Because I’m about to have my 5th baby and we’re just starting the crazy schedule with sports, school, and church, I’ve been searching for some quick and easy ideas for meals for our family.
Here’s what I’ve found:
It’s the most important meal of the day, right? 
and the Frozen French Toast recipes that we like.
It’s nice to think my kids can have a warm breakfast without all the fuss in the morning.
Here are a couple ideas I pinned off pinterest that I’m excited to try.
Do your kids come home as hungry as mine?
Six Sisters’ Stuff came up with a great list off
Again I’m looking for quick and easy ideas.  For this I think crock pot or freezer meals are best.
Here are 20 tried and true freezer meals from Six Sisters’ Stuff
Well,  happy new school year to you!
I hope these ideas and links will help your family too!

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