The right paint for your style and mood

As I have mentioned earlier, we recently purchased a home and have been remodeling it.  Well actually my handsome hubby has been…I’ve just been making all the decisions.  And, let me tell you-it’s been tough to make all those decisions!  Color is something that can make such a difference in a home.  
Here are some things I’ve learned as I’ve been selecting paint colors…
1) Start by thinking about the mood of the room. How do you want the space to make you feel? Tranquil? Lively? Romantic? That’s where color comes in! Different colors evoke different feelings, and it turns out those color-feelings are pretty universal.

If you want your space to be passionate and stimulating, embrace red as the main hue. Red is the color of the heart and represents life and love. For a warm room that energizes, go for orange as the dominant hue. 

Orange used to be a “makes-ya-hungry” fast-food color, but techies and fashionistas know it has been reborn into a vibrant color of the future. 
Yellow is also high energy, but in an uplifting and cheerful way. When you walk into a yellow room, you can practically feel the sun shining on your face.  Yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism because it can activate memory, stimulate the nervous system and promote creativity.
Green is the color of nature. It creates an atmosphere that’s as friendly and comforting as the landscape around us. Blues are also abundant in nature and suggest the calmness and tranquility of clear skies and ocean waters. 
For a room on the contemplative and sensual side, pick purple — it combines the arousing qualities of red with the calming essence of blue. White is the color of purity and cleanliness, so use it to make a room feel clean and organized. 
The earthiness of brown makes a place seem grounded and unpretentious.
Okay, so these didn’t really help me, but I thought they were interesting.
Here is what really did help me!  I loved this pin I found on Pinterest!  It REALLY helped narrow down the colors that I 
was looking for.  
Happy Painting! 

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