Snowflake Tortillas

My family has had the sickies this week. 

It killed my drive to do anything fun and Christmasy with my kids…
none of us have felt very well.
I can tell we are on the mend though, so yesterday we attempted a simple craft that didn’t require leaving the house or getting supplies we didn’t have.
I always have tortillas, 
so we made some snowflakes!
(I love uncooked Costco tortillas the best)

We just gently folded our tortilla, and cut with scissors.
After we opened it up, we cooked it for about 30 seconds on each side…
Then I buttered them and poured cinnamon and sugar on them.
They thought it was awesome. 
A very fun, easy, yummy holiday craft.
Just my style! 

3 Replies to “Snowflake Tortillas”

  1. Fantastic Idea! Thank you for sharing your post. I have 2 grandsons and another baby on the way, so will use this idea for sure! Last week, in a pinch for a quiche, I used a tortilla for the crust, and it was great… going to try it for an apple pie, and your idea will just finish the top crust off beautifull! Thanks again
    Godspeed, and hope all are better soon.
    Merry Christmas

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