Ric Rac Flower Tutoiral

A few weeks ago, I did a guest post on The Ribbon Retreat!  
I buy a lot of my supplies on their website and they have so many great ideas on their blog.
But, just in case you missed it, here is the tutorial!
You’ve gotta try it! 🙂
(If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you!)

 This little flower made out of ric rac is cute, quick, and easy!

 There are tons of different color combinations you could use.  You can be as creative as you want!
Here are the supplies you need!
#1.    1 yard Ric Rac  
(Size and color your choice.  I used 3/4″ Turquoise)
#2.     2 Felt Circles   
(You’ll want it to match as close as you can.  I ordered Sapphire and it was perfect!)
#3.    1-12mm Clear Rhinestones
#4.    1-40mm Rectangular Snap Clip
#5.    Glue Gun, Matching Thread and a Needle
Start by treating the end of your ric rac so that it doesn’t fray.  Next, starting on the outside of the circle, begin sewing the ric rac and continue going around the outside.
 After you get all the way around, I like to put the curves of the second row, in the dips of the first row. 
 Sometimes this will mean you have to stretch it out a little or pull them a little closer together.
 Just keep going around until you are at the middle and you have covered the felt circle completely.
 I cut and treat the end of my ric rac, and then tac it down in the center.
Then tie a knot on the back and cut your unwanted string.
 Then just hot glue the rhinestone in the center!
 To add the clip, I cut a small slit in the 2nd felt circle and slip my clip into it.
 I secure the clip by hot gluing it to the felt.
 Next I glue both pieces of felt together and you are finished!  Simple as that!
Seriously….you’ve got to try it!
 Here is how it looks in my little girl’s hair!
Just for fun, I used the jumbo sized ric rac to sew a bigger flower.
Here is how it turned out!  This time I put a hair clip and a clip that you can attach to clothing on it!
I used a 3 1/2″ felt circle on the back!  I also obviously used a bigger rhinestone in the center.
Here are a few more projects I’ve put together using this technique!

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