Like most Instagram lovers, I am always looking for ways to display my insta photos.
I’ve already posted about and
and today, I want to tell you about!
The cool thing about InstaThis, is that they send you your photos as a piece of artwork!
You don’t need to frame it, or decide what to do with the little prints..
InstaThis prints your photos on wood, or acrylic.
You can then mount them on the wall, or display them on an easel. 
Their website makes it super easy to do this… 
you simply connect to Instagram, upload a photo, choose your material, and that’s it! 
I ordered an 8×8 square print.

It came packaged beautifully, and I love the final product!

One of my favorite features was the hanging option on the back… 
they make it so you just slide it onto the nail, instead of guessing and trying to peer over the top of the picture. GENIUS.
I also love how you can see the grain of the wood through the photo.. 
it really does give it an artistic feel. 
 I put it on my nightstand… I want to see it first thing in the morning, and at the end of every day..
two of my loves.. my kids and the sky.
(I need to buy a smaller easel so it’s a perfect fit.. but I didn’t want to wait to show this to you!)
I keep thinking of all the places I could use these! has a deal going on right now until Valentine’s Day for 15% off!
Enter the code INSTALOVE15 at checkout!
Go check them out! You’ll love it. 

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