Tie Onesies

Lately, I have been in the “Nesting” mode… My second baby is coming in one month!

One of the blessings of having another boy, is that we get to reuse so many clothes!
Last time around, I received a baby gift from a friend of mine that was just a onesie that had a fabric tie sewn on it. 
I loved it!

But, unfortunately, this was one of the things that had yellow spit up stains all over it.
Sad day.  I had to throw it away.
Well, I decided that I could try to make my own this time.
So, I looked online, and what did I find?  TONS of cute ones you can buy, and TONS of tutorials for how to make them.
I ended up using the pattern from hauteapplepie, but I didn’t follow their instructions exactly.
I just used my Heat’n Bond and pressed my tie on the onesie,
then I did a zigzag stitch around it.
Cute.  Simple.  Easy.

Can’t wait to try it on my new baby!
P.S. I really liked this post that I found for making these for older boys: freetimefrolics.  Check it out!

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  1. Nice job Ashlee. Way cute! Maybe you could make a few more for Girly Accents? We’ve sold several, we just haven’t taken the time to make more. I like the older t-shirt ties too!

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